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Colegrove Park Elementary School

North Adams, MA

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Colliers provided project management services during the $29.7 Million renovation of the Colegrove Park Elementary School.  In partnership with the MSBA, the District preserved an existing 1916 school building through renovations to meet 21st century educational standards, current codes and building standards as well as modern system designs.  The Colegrove Park Elementary School serves grades K-7 and consists of 78,000 square feet. 

Colliers provided project management services during the pre-design phase, design phase, construction phase, and closeout phase of the Colegrove Park Elementary School Project.

During the design phase, Colliers was responsible for coordinating the design process, reconciling design solutions with program expectations, cost estimates, and budget parameters, and managing the bidding and contracting process.

In addition, during the construction phase Colliers coordinated construction activities, monitored & managed construction changes and project finances, oversaw construction progress, and conducted inspections of the construction for quality assurance and contract compliance.

Finally, during the closeout phase Colliers managed the building occupancy, monitored & managed contractor correction of problems, and trained the operating staff in systems operations & maintenance.