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Colliers Named Top Workplace

What Does Being a "Top Workplace" Mean to Us?

Top Workplace Twitter Announcement

As you may have heard, Colliers | Greater Cincinnati was recently recognized as a Top Workplace from the Cincinnati Enquirer. Because this recognition is based on employee surveys, we wanted to hear what being named a top workplace means to them. (Spoiler alert: a lot of us feel lucky to be part of this team!)

Here’s what some of our colleagues had to say in their own words:

  • "It means that all of our people are working and getting the job done while meeting the expectations of those we are serving. It means that collectively we are working together as team to accelerate our clients businesses."
  • "I have been with this company since 1976. The reason is simple. Our office is a great place to work and the adage “the grass is always greener on the other side” does not apply here. Our culture is friendly, fun, and an interesting place with little to no pressure."
  • "Colliers being named a Top Workplace is not something that just happens overnight. It’s the result of not only engaging and thoughtful leadership, but also the commitment towards building a culture of “Us”. Our industry is inherently rewarding as we work to find solutions for our clients, but what makes Colliers unique is although commercial real estate brokerage can be an individualistic charge, there’s the sense that you have 70+ people cheering you on at every step, for no other reason that they like being around you. At Colliers, you feel like you are part of the family from the minute you walk through the door."
  • "I am so proud of our company and appreciate the people I work with everyday. Just like family, we bang heads periodically, but there’s no group of people I’d rather be spending my workday with every single day.”
  • "Being part of a Top Workplace means that I know I am starting my career at the right place and with the right people. I get the ability to not only work with quality people, but receive strong, positive support from them as well. As a company, this allows us to set a standard for other offices within our firm and for other companies in our market. Lastly, being named a Top Workplace reminds us that while we are on the right track, we should never be satisfied, and must push beyond our comfort zone to find better ways to do business and take care of our employees in a rapidly-changing work environment. What is great is not winning Top Workplace recognition once, but winning consecutively and over a long period of time. Only then is a legacy established."
  • "I guess when I think of Top Workplace I think of High Standards and a workplace culture that is guarded by warriors. These culture warriors curate and maintain a work environment that not only allows you to be efficient, productive, and successful professionally - while being challenged and groomed for professional AND personal growth - but where it isn’t hard to feel a fit; where conversation is organic and spurts of laughter ignite creativity and passion for anyone in ear shot. Somewhere where, if you wanted, you could make lasting friendships with otherwise “just” co-workers, but boundaries are acknowledged and respected, regardless. I think of somewhere that celebrates - celebrates the highs, celebrates the otherwise mundane - finds a way to build the everyday “things” and transform them into remarkable stepping stones and lasting memories. It’s a little gushy, but I definitely think I found that at Colliers. Everyone here is uncompromising - they want quality, they want success, sure, and they hold one another to a standard of absolute excellence - but they’ve also made me feel very invited and seen, and a few of them have even been standout friendships. When I think of Top Workplace I think of somewhere that I am genuinely delighted to return to work to each day and give my best."
  • "Colliers being named a “Top Workplace” comes as no surprise given the amount of resources that the leadership team is constantly investing into our company culture. It’s exciting to be a part of a company that is frequently asking the retail team, “what can we do for you and your clients.” That level of proactive support has led to some great things happening for our book of business! I have been impressed by the support for turning good ideas into policy and making changes, as needed, to create a better atmosphere for everyone – not just a select few."
  • "What it means to me is that everyone is being treated with respect and acceptance.  This helps to create an enjoyable, fun, and professional work environment that helps everyone work towards a common goal.  I think these are some of the many things that helped get Colliers Cincinnati named as a top workplace."
  • "Working in real estate, awards are largely number-driven. Who sold the most square footage? Who made the most on a deal? Who manages the most tenants? However, being a Top Workplace is not a reflection of the deals we often celebrate; it's not an award given on the basis of a monetary threshold or corporate prestige. Being a Top Workplace is about the "behind the scenes" heroes. It's about curating congenial culture, communication, and collaboration. This award was earned not by transactions but by the meaningful day-to-day interactions with coworkers, happy hours, creative brainstorming sessions, coffee breaks, shared playlists and belly laughs. To me, that's what makes being a Top Workplace so special. Cheers to all the companies who won Top Workplace 2021, may we all continue to create meaningful environments that celebrate all aspects of success."

Related Experts

Catherine Williams

Director of Marketing & PR


Catherine Williams started her career with Colliers International at the Greater Cincinnati & Dayton offices in 2017. Starting off as a marketing specialist and being responsible for establishing a strategic marketing plan for actively listed properties, developing property collateral, assembling presentations, and assisting in day-to-day administrative tasks. Catherine has since been promoted to the Director of Marketing and Public Relations based on her strong work ethic, team work performance and her commitment to the company.

As the Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton offices, Catherine has overall responsibility for the marketing and brokerage support teams. She oversees the strategic direction of marketing and public relations for all service lines delivery and corporate efforts. Catherine not only leads the development of the overall strategy for the firm but also leads the execution of it. She works in line and collaborates with the Director of Research, Loren DeFilippo, to maximize the impact of the regions research material for promotion of the offices and the Colliers brand as a whole. 

Catherine is what you would call a mediator and a defender- she is always eager to help a good cause and is very dedicated for the people she works with. She has always been one to include and relate to those around her; Catherine does not see the difference in others instead she recognizes and cultivates the potential in them.

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