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Team Up to Clean Up

Building Up Our Communities: A morning of trash collection and camaraderie!

Team Up to Clean Up 


Community involvement, by definition, is the power to bring positive, measurable change to both the communities in which you live and operate your business. Located in the heart of Central Business District Cincinnati, Colliers, and its subsequent staff, are positioned in a place calling not only for change, but for connection.

In most cases, community involvement calls for more than a simple act of volunteering, but rather for a link to be created from person to place and person to person; it is an extension of our immediate world and an invitation to connect our day-to-day passions, platforms, and conversations more deeply with the community around us, strengthening roots and relationships.

Team Up 2 Clean Up, taken place on Saturday, May 15th, came as a choice participation opportunity for the specific reason that it not only promoted community impact, but came with the mission to engage teams outside of the office and make connections that go beyond the 9-5. The event’s tag line: “a morning of trash collection and camaraderie.”

The event was hosted by Zipfel Capital, a Residential and Commercial Mortgage Brokerage in Cincinnati. While 12 companies sponsored the event, bringing in just over 40 participants, Colliers took the lead in team representation, with 12 team members hitting the streets.

The event launched with a Kickstarter event outside of the Miller Gallery in Hyde Park square, where the Zipfel team fueled all present participants with coffee and donuts and supported a networking hour before sending teams out to the streets. The Colliers team was assigned to the Over the Rhine neighborhood and given ample supplies for trash collection, including gloves, grabbers, and trash bags. Prepped with 10 empty bags, the team not only filled their bags, but collected and disposed more trash beyond the material capabilities.

“Concentrating our joint energies in a smaller radius of neighborhoods we felt would have a deeper impact. Judging by the pre and post photos we think we were right,” said Blake Zaring, participating partner of Zipfel Capital and event organizer. “The participating partners also hoped the exercise may inspire others to take pride in cleaning their communities. At the end of the day, this was one small effort, it takes us all jumping in together more often to really move the needle!”

For the Colliers team, northern Over the Rhine was the focus with the intention to route from Washington Park, pop through Findlay Market, and land at the Sam Adams Brewery Tap Room. Not only did the Colliers team complete their mission and create impact throughout the neighborhood, receiving verbal gratitude from passerby’s, but they had a good time doing it – exploring various vendors at Findlay Market including Urbana Café and Blue Oven Bakery, and culminating the event at Sam Adam's Tap Room with Tap Room Exclusives, such as the Equal Hopportunity sparkling ale and From The Heart American Pale Ale.


The mission: collect trash. The result: team bonding in a neighborhood left cleaner than we found it.

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Catherine Williams

Director of Marketing & PR


Catherine Williams started her career with Colliers International at the Greater Cincinnati & Dayton offices in 2017. Starting off as a marketing specialist and being responsible for establishing a strategic marketing plan for actively listed properties, developing property collateral, assembling presentations, and assisting in day-to-day administrative tasks. Catherine has since been promoted to the Director of Marketing and Public Relations based on her strong work ethic, team work performance and her commitment to the company.

As the Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton offices, Catherine has overall responsibility for the marketing and brokerage support teams. She oversees the strategic direction of marketing and public relations for all service lines delivery and corporate efforts. Catherine not only leads the development of the overall strategy for the firm but also leads the execution of it. She works in line and collaborates with the Director of Research, Loren DeFilippo, to maximize the impact of the regions research material for promotion of the offices and the Colliers brand as a whole. 

Catherine is what you would call a mediator and a defender- she is always eager to help a good cause and is very dedicated for the people she works with. She has always been one to include and relate to those around her; Catherine does not see the difference in others instead she recognizes and cultivates the potential in them.

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