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Westpac generates additional data hall space while saving on operational expenses

Case Study

Challenge: Westpac Banking Corporation’s (Westpac) data center in Sydney, Australia — a 130,000-square-foot purpose-built facility — was nearing full capacity and required upgrades to redundancy and resilience while remaining in full production. As the client put it, “[We need to] change the engines on a 747 in mid-flight.”

Strategy: We assessed the risk of physically performing each upgrade and developed a mathematical risk model that excluded items that fell outside of the customer’s risk profile. We implemented a detailed program, breaking the overall task into discrete work packages that could be performed under close supervision and control. Temporary switchboards, water tanks and generators were installed to mitigate risk during critical upgrade steps.

Result: The client was able to accommodate both organic growth and a staged consolidation of IT equipment. Extraneous and under-utilized facilities were closed, saving substantial operational expenses, while the equipment concentration created an additional 50% of new data hall space.