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Be Colliers | Taylor Moneypenny


BE Resourceful to Accelerate Success 

At Colliers Facility Solutions, we are resourceful to accelerate success. We build teams within and across markets with the right expertise, market experience and connections to deliver the right solutions for our clients.

Taylor Moneypenny, Facility Manager with Colliers Facility Solutions, strives to be resourceful by tapping into the numerous relationships he’s formed in the industry and leveraging those relationships to provide the best possible service for his client and team. Taylor embodies the Colliers value to always invest in relationships. He personally finds benefit in the way Colliers leadership and his facilities management team uplift and push him to deliver enduring value.

An example of this is demonstrated in a recent building project completed by Taylor’s IFM team. The project had been managed by his client’s in-house construction management team prior to Colliers' involvement. It was in progress for two years and was still only halfway completed. Taylor partnered with Colliers’ project management resources to complete the project successfully in only three months, not only saving time and money, but also adding value to the asset and providing amenity services to staff and visitors.

“It has been rewarding to see Taylor learn the value in knowing where resources exist and how they can be utilized when developing solutions,” said Kelly Furr, Senior Vice President, Colliers Facility Solutions.


BE Colliers

“Always find ways to serve – whether it’s for our clients or internally amongst our team. A servant mentality goes a very long way.” – Taylor Moneypenny, Facility Manager, Colliers Facility Solutions