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Be Colliers | Cindy Bettis

Be strategic to exceed expectations

 At Colliers Facility Solutions, we are strategic to exceed expectations. We build teams within and across markets with the right expertise, market experience and connections to deliver the right solutions for our clients.

Cindy Bettis, Chief Engineer with Colliers Facility Solutions, prides her team on their ability to strategically meet their client’s demands. Cindy and her team of agile maintenance technicians communicate and collaborate daily to ensure that they are working in tandem to meet their goals and exceed the expectations client stakeholders.

Focused on superior facilities management service, Cindy views herself in terms that expand outside the basic role of a Chief Engineer. While discussing some of her most recent opportunities, Cindy notes, “The challenge of opening back up safely during the Covid crisis. We have to convince our customers that we are doing the necessary research on products and technology to assure them we can open their business back up safely. We have to establish trust and confidence with our clients on every level.”

She leads her team with a proactive approach that ensures the stability and longevity of the building assets, maximizes the client’s real estate budget and increases the value of their portfolio. Her approach is based on a long-term capital improvement plan that requires the kind of hands-on involvement that she enjoys most. Cindy said, “I see myself as more of a project/construction coordinator than any other title. I’m out in the field most of the time, which is where I’d rather be.”

BE Colliers

“We have to establish trust and confidence with our clients on every level.” – Cindy Bettis, Chief Engineer, Colliers Facility Solutions