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Be Colliers | Christine Bailey


BE a team player to drive exceptional results.

At Colliers Facility Solutions, we are team players to drive exceptional results. We build teams within and across markets with the right expertise, market experience and connections to deliver the right solutions for our clients.

To Christine Bailey, Senior Facilities Manager with Colliers Facility Solutions, to BE a team player extends beyond an internal commitment to her colleagues. She believes it is also a commitment to her clients and those she serves. Throughout her career in Facilities Management, Christine has remained committed to being a team player by being flexible, reliable, committed and listening to others' needs to help deliver the right solutions for her clients. Christine's commitment to being a team player has led her to remain committed to her client's needs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Christine has continually driven exceptional results by listening to her clients and staying flexible in responding to their needs, and exceeding her client's expectations.

"Christine is a shining example of being a team player," said Kelly Furr, Senior Vice President of Colliers Facility Solutions. "Her commitment to being a team player consistently drives exceptional results for our clients."

BE Colliers

"To BE Colliers is unlimited. It's to be empowered, focused, reliable and authentic. It's to be the best you and to serve others daily. To BE Colliers is to be willing to go outside of your comfort zone to grow and be better each and every day." – Christine Bailey, Senior Facilities Manager, Colliers Facility Solutions