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Eating Disorders Treatment Center Expands Services in New Location


Albuquerque, February 4, 2020 – Albuquerque’s only specialized eating disorder treatment center will be moving and expanding services in March 2020. 

The Eating Disorders Treatment Center (EDTC), currently located at 5203 Juan Tabo Blvd, has signed a deal with Franken Investments to occupy 1520 Tramway Blvd NE, expanding their clinical offices from 6,500 square feet to 12,928 square feet.  Franken Investments will perform an extensive remodel of the property prior to EDTC taking occupancy in the first quarter of 2020.

The new space will allow them to have kitchen and dining facilities to support a first-of-its-kind residential treatment program for the people of New Mexico. Currently, patients requiring residential treatment for eating disorders are sent to Denver or Phoenix, but EDTC’s new facility and program will allow patients in need of this treatment to stay in Albuquerque. These new kitchen facilities will also allow for the EDTC Nutrition Department for expand its programing of nutritional services to include cooking and kitchen and food safety classes. 

With nearly double its previous office space, EDTC is also expanding care by opening a new Psychiatric Service Department, headed by double Board-Certified Dr. Kristina Sowar, MD, formerly of UNMH. Robert Keys, Executive Director of EDTC, is excited to have Dr. Sowar join the EDTC Treatment team.

“EDTC is fortunate to have a physician as gifted and dedicated as Dr. Sowar helping to expand our services by providing such desperately needed psychiatric care to our city,” he said. “Altogether, this new facility will allow us to serve more people in all our levels of care: psychotherapy and now psychiatry, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), a partial hospitalization program (PHP), a full range of nutrition services, and of course the residential treatment planned for later this year,” said Keys.

EDTC desperately needed a bigger space to serve the many patients seeking treatment but had limited funds for the tenant improvements and buildout they needed for an expanded facility.  After being unable to get interest from existing landlords, they searched for a developer who could help bridge the gap. Franken Investments came to the project in search of a long-term stable investment, purchased the property as part of the transaction and then set about designing and building a state-of-the-art treatment facility in the northeast heights for EDTC. 

Bo Galles of Colliers International represented the developer in the transaction, and Michael Reneao and Matt Reeves of Western States Commercial Real Estate represented the seller of the property.

“This will allow the EDTC to add important programming, as well as expand their existing services,” Galles said, “and it will cut their occupancy cost in half on a per square foot basis.”

EDTC currently has a waiting list for patients in need of their specialized services. The expansion will allow them to hire more clinical staff and bring prospective patients in for help much more quickly, an important consideration for those suffering from eating disorders.

“The sad truth is that Eating Disorders can have very serious consequences. For example, it has been estimated that 5 to 10% of people with anorexia will die within 10 years without treatment, and people with bulimia or binge eating disorders can have a variety of serious medical problems,” said Keys.

The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders estimates at least 30 million people of all ages and genders in the U.S suffer from an eating disorder. However, “early action and treatment significantly improves the chances of recovery, and this new facility will allow us to help a lot more people and become a much needed regional resource,” Keys said.