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Colliers in the News: City purchases property near troubled Albuquerque park to help improve neighborhood


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The City of Albuquerque closed on a property next to Coronado Park, an area known for its transient population and crime.

"The city made the choice to invest in this to help the neighboring community, some of the community members that live in this area as well as to help support the mission of some of the non-profits," said Johnny Chandler, spokesperson for the Department of Municipal Development. 

Plans haven't been finalized yet, but Chandler said the city could use the site for the Parks and Recreation Department, Community and Family Services, Security Services and Albuquerque Fire Rescue.

"That presence could potentially make community members feel better about where they're at," Chandler said. "But its also about providing services to where they are going to be. Where these community members need help that's where we're going to be as well."

The city spent $550,000 on the property. 

"This building, we believe, is in the right location for the services we want to include into it," Chandler said. "We're working on that. The community members that need help are here, the nonprofit organizations that help out are also nearby, downtown is real close so really great central location at this time."

The city hopes to get services moved to the property by the end of 2020.