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Peter Jograj | Colliers | Silicon Valley

Peter Jograj

Senior Marketing Director, Bay Area

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Professional Summary

Senior Marketing DIrector for the Silicon Valley area of Northern California, partnering with brokers on business development and marketing strategy while leveraging a team of designers on the creation of presentations and property marketing materials.

Including but not limited to:

  • Marketing strategy development for presentations and property listings
  • Concepting and managing broker promotion
  • Directly managing principal and developer project requests
  • Assignment and direction on various marketing material types
  • Development and testing of new forms of marketing media 
  • Creating project branding and style guides, featuring color palettes, font choices and narrative
  • Hands-on designing of print and digital marketing
  • Creating to-spec print advertisements and banner ads, including animated gif ads and short videos, featured primarily in the regional Business Journal editions and for social media posts
  • Designing of event and large scale printed materials


  • Two-time Employee of the Year/Special Recognition Award with previous CRE industry competitor, Newmark
  • Graduate of VR Development Course
  • UX Certified by Nielsen Norman Group
  • Two-time Dean's List inclusion at New York design school, Pratt Institute




Pratt Institute 
Major: Computer Graphics
Minor: Film & Animation

Courses included:     

Foundation charcoal drawing and composition         
Graphic design and layout using Adobe apps     
Web design and programming in HTML  
Art history, covering the Renaissance to modern art     
Film and animation history across the 20th century     
Traditional 2D cel and stop-motion animation     
3D animation using 3D Studio Max



Business Development, Digital Marketing, Geographic Information Systems GIS, Graphic Design, Project Marketing

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