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Defining a Work Revolution: Looking beyond the return to the office

Work Revolution Report 554x310

Defining a Work Revolution: Looking Beyond the Return to Office

Work Revolution

There are dramatic socioeconomic, technological and business forces emerging which will impact the Future of Work – and which define an upcoming Work Revolution.

The scale of these shifts requires an inter-connected approach to organizational problem solving.

We have identified seven significant Future of Work challenges and have provided recommendations for how real estate, workplace and facilities can play a role in solving them.

Seven significant challenges


Challenges 554x310

  1. Empowering women to remain in the workforce
  2. Creating more diverse equitable and inclusive cultures
  3. Health & well being in the workplace
  4. Enrich company culture in distributed work models
  5. Bettering work experience with employee centered design
  6. Commitment to sustainability
  7. Evolving for AI and automation

Meeting the challenges of an evolving workforce, workplace and workspace

Many emerging workforce, workplace and workspace trends accelerated and evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. A mosaic of scalable services and tools combine to meet the challenges – across industries and across markets:
738x415 Workforce


The demand for skilled and diverse talent is intensifying the need to create a work culture that does more than value diversity and accommodate new talent — it serves as a magnet for the best talent in the market.

738x415 Workplace


From headquarter offices to flex facilities, the workplace is being redefined. With lessons learned from a year of remote and revised work practices, all companies now have customized intelligence to inform back to work initiatives and Future of Work possibilities.

738x415 Workspace


Creating engaging, collaborative and efficient work environments — that reflect company culture, and which are technology-enabled — is more critical than ever.

Colliers is working with clients to organize and integrate key services to meet Work Revolution challenges - adding a new lens to view solutions and maximize CRE impact at the enterprise level.

New ways of measuring value

To meet Work Revolution challenges, explore measures and KPIs that will be impactful to the business and not simply real estate. Real estate organizations have traditionally measured performance based on metrics that relate back to focused organizational cost, efficiency and use metrics.

Given the scale of the emerging challenges, now is the time to define the value CRE can play to the overall organization. Success measures need to illustrate that added value:

dblue_Experienced Team   Talent Attraction & Retention
How does the business improve by implementing people, place and space solutions? Measure the pre and post implications of these metrics by analyzing the ability to attract and retain more diverse employee populations.
dblue_Cogs   Innovation
It is proven that organizations with increased diversity leverage higher degrees of collaboration, develop more innovative solutions and succeed in greater overall growth. Develop measures that illustrate how real estate and facilities are driving more innovation through place and space changes.
dblue_Referral   Knowledge Transfer
With the advent of more distributed workforces, it is critical to ensure that the collaboration and transfer of organizational knowledge in business units improves and remains seamless. Develop a strategy to measure how real estate plans enable smooth transfer of information in remote and onsite work.
dblue_SS_Strategy and Organization   Workflow Improvement
With the advent of increased machine learning and automated task workflows, work with operations, HR and IT to measure the impacts of improved adjacencies. Ensure remote workers have the guidance and resources needed to be connected and productive.
dblue_CS_Tenant Representation_101px   Collaboration
Enabling collaboration is critical to decision speed and achieving business success. Measure how work strategy, technology and space design enable employees to focus when they need to and collaborate for the generation of new ideas, information transfer and evaluation.
dblue_Employees   Belonging
Employees will want to understand how they fit within the organization and aligned with the collective culture. It is important to measure the value the office and facilities foster which creates a sense of belonging and inclusion. Social interaction will be a key driver in engaging employees in the office.

Learn more in the Work Revolution report.


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