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Flex Forward: Flexible Workspace Trend Forecast 2022

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Flex Forward: Flexible Workspace Trend Forecast 2022


Flex Forward

In 2021 the flexible workspace sector emerged from recent challenges to be a key component of CRE strategy and flexible workspace operators have drawn major investment activity.

While flexible workspace operators have largely re-geared their agreements with asset owners over the last 18 months, occupier demand for flexible workspace reached unprecedented levels and operators, in most major markets, are now beginning to look at strategic expansion.

Asset owners are thoughtfully assessing their product mix and delivery models, which is leading to a higher volume of non-traditional agreements with operators, easing friction between flex and core products.

Five trends in 2022

Five trends in 2022

  1. Beyond Flex
  2. Flexible Workspace Blurs with traditional office
  3. More products
  4. Flight to quality
  5. ESG

Flex products

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Delivery models

Flexible workspace and traditional office will blend to become workplace solutions, and industry professionals viewing the two in binary terms will dissipate.

Managed Office

Turnkey delivery of space, bundled together with additional services by the operator or asset owner.

Managed Office 250x350

Flex & Core

Core space taken with either an asset owner or operator on a long term lease with flexible workspace products, on shorter terms, as part of the same agreement and typically within the same building.

Flex and Core 250x350

Hub & Spoke

A larger, longer term “hub” office either traditional or a flexible workspace product, together with a range of, typically smaller, flexible workspace products in a range of locations, either with one operator or several.

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Reverse Flex

An occupier partners with a flexible workspace operator to repurpose part of their traditional office as a flexible workspace location, usually where the occupier has surplus space on a long term lease, or is an owner occupier.

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Digital Campus

A work from anywhere solution where an occupier provides on-demand access to one or a range of flexible workspace solutions via a technology platform. This can be executed with one operator or an aggregator.

Digital Campus 250x350
Colliers SmartFlex_554x310

We have launched Colliers SmartFlex, which is a market-leading technology solution for our local experts to strategize on operator selection, manage transaction workflow and automate reporting. As the worlds of flexible workspace and traditional workplaces blur, we believe our experts on the ground should have the tools to cover all office solutions.

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