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What Is the Fate of the Office? How Talent and Location Will Define the Future

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Our Colliers global occupier experts continue to explore the intersection of location and talent. A recent interactive webinar hosted by Colliers and CoreNet Global gathered real-time data from more than 100 industry participants and sparked discussion around the questions that are top of mind for corporate real estate professionals.


Key Takeaways

Discover below a summary of the 5 takeaways that emerged throughout our discussions.

1. Attracting More In-Person Employees

Bringing workers back to the office remains top of mind for many occupiers. What can organizations do to facilitate this?

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Takeaway 1 53
Takeaway 1 47

2. Bridging the Gap Across the Hybrid Workforce

As new team norms continue to evolve, it’s crucial to build equitable experiences for both in-office and virtual employees. Technology can help facilitate meetings and interactions that are more inclusive and collaborative for all participants.

Takeaway 2 Hybrid Workforce 738px


3. Adjusting Location Strategy to Attract Diverse Talent

Diversity is not something companies can flip a switch on, but rather it needs to be built in as a core component when assessing markets and talent pools.

 Takeaway 3 will adapt location strategy to improve access to diverse talent

4. Prioritizing an Accessible Workplace

On a macro level, companies’ location strategies are prioritizing markets with talent pools that have more ethnic and age diversity. On a micro level, companies are choosing offices that possess the physical aspects that support employee access.

Takeaway 4 Prioritizing an Accessible Workplace

New locations can act as a recruitment lever for more diverse and more skilled labor

5. Identifying New Metrics that Showcase Value

Businesses are measuring the value of their real estate with new lenses as it becomes increasingly important to understand how and where people are working, and the value of that work. How can real estate facilities contribute to improved business performance and help increase value?

Top 3 Metrics

Ability to attract
and retain talent

 dblue_Floor Layout
Space utilization


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