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Emerging Talent Gaps:
U.S. Cities of Opportunity

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In this report we look beyond well-known talent hubs to uncover select cities that show potential to be the most attractive homes for skilled workforces in the increasing war for talent.
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Uncovering the Talent Gap


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The current skills shortage is a concern of most businesses (75% of HR professionals having recruiting difficulty say there is a shortage of skills in candidates) and does not seem to be going anywhere. By 2030, there will be a talent gap shortage of more than 85 million people.

Companies will need to quickly find ways to fill the talent gaps especially in the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT), Financial Services and Life Sciences sectors. These three sectors are projected to grow by 1.53M jobs by 2030 by an average of 10%.

Common themes contributing to the talent gap

Business leaders recognize that finding and recruiting top talent in these unprecedented market conditions requires a new approach to successfully mitigating shortages and bridging the workforce gap. We have identified below the challenges and some recommended solutions to address the talent gap.

Common Themes
Each sector (TMT, Financial Services, Life Sciences) has at least one profession within it to grow at a rate above 20%.

Industry Takeaways

Throughout the three industries outlined in this study, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT), there are traditional cities that are well known within each industry as places to find, secure and hire top talent. This study takes a different approach in attempts to unearth cities that are emerging – cities that should be taken notice of and present new opportunities for hiring talent. Explore the key industry takeaways to gain some insights from our study.

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Financial Services Takeaways
Life Sciences Takeaways

Use data to drive business decisions

By understanding the opportunities through available data it allows leaders to gain a competitive edge to making better business decisions around how to attract and retain top talent.

Read the report to help address these business challenges through data driven expertise. We see significant opportunity for clients to develop proactive strategies in the face of dynamic labor markets.

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