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Northern Virginia Tenant Advisory Team

Our team


I. Consensus building

  • Market evaluation
  • Building tours
  • Ideal location selections

II. Strategic lease negotiation

  • Request proposal
  • Financial analysis
  • Lease terms negotiation
  • Lease agreement (renewal/relocation)



III. Project execution

  • Planning, permitting and design
  • Construction
  • Move coordination

IV. Occupancy and post occupancy follow-up


Team experience

Through our Tenant Advisory Services, Colliers International acts as an adviser, advocate and partner in navigating challenging issues associated with occupancy requirements. For many organizations, the operating costs related to office leases are often second only to labor costs. To remain competitive in an increasingly complex business environment, occupiers must perpetually evaluate the value of the space in which they operate against ever-changing employment requirements, operational changes and critical fiscal drivers. Colliers has long been the adviser of choice for many of the world’s most accomplished organizations. As a national company that takes the initiative, thinks creatively and leverages all available resources to drive innovation, we ensure our clients are in the optimal position to meet their organizational and community driven goals.

Rainier Industries

Market: USA
Challenge: Manufacturing facility operating out of two facilities needing to combine to one and needed to align three building sales simultaneously to make it happen. 
Results: Exceeded client expectations by aligning three complicated sales and a move of a national production/manufacturing facility.

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