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Net Lease Exchange Experts

Exclusive buyer-representation of private capital into net lease

Our team

About our services

Why Net Lease

Investor’s Needs
  • Defer Capital Gains Tax
  • Eliminate Management
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Diversify Holdings

Net Lease Properties' Solutions

  • 1031 Exchange
  • Credit Worthy Tenants on Leases with No Landlord Responsibilities
  • Long-term Leases with Structured Rent Increases at Attractive Cap Rates
  • National Marketplace
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Our advantage

Net Lease Specialist

  • No Listings: we only represent buyers so there is never a conflict of interest
  • As experts, we keep informed of market news in an ever-changing retail landscape
  • Lifetime relationship: Not sure how to reconcile CAM charges? Need to handle a lease extension with your tenant? Call us, we are with you for life.

Relationships with Existing Brokers

  • Over 100 individual net lease agents partner with us to provide net lease opportunities to our clients on an off-market basis
  • Given the net lease landscape, our track record of performance allows our clients first pick of choice properties
  • Comprehensive nationwide database of net lease deals that we carefully monitor and groom to ensure availability and accuracy

Data Driven Analysis and Advice

  • 25+ point inspection: our rigorous due diligence process allows our clients to know more about the property they are purchasing than the seller
  • Our slogan, “Advice; not sales”, is a product of our process. We endeavor to provide our clients the necessary data to allow for an informed decision based on facts.
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We do not represent sellers. We only represent buyers. We provide unbiased research and advice to anyone interested in acquiring net leased properties. Since we do not have our own listings, there are no conflicts of interest when making our recommendations.

Our technology allows investors the means to search, identify and secure qualified net lease investment properties in the shortest possible time with absolute market coverage. By engaging us, clients preserve their peace of mind through the acquisition of net lease opportunities that meet their precise criteria.


Define Investment Criteria

  • Review your current investment position
  • Understand the key objectives you want to achieve
  • Determine the best strategy for meeting your objectives
Research and Analysis
  • Use your investment criteria to generate list of viable investment opportunities
  • Evaluate quality of investment by assessing key metrics to deliver final recommendations
  • Run cash flow analyses on properties of interest to determine the best possible options

Fulfill Investment Objectives

  • Prepare letters of intent, negotiate purchase contracts, and ensure a smooth escrow process
  • Conduct thorough due diligence review—lease abstract, condition assessment, title work—and secure best financing terms
  • Coordinate closing with involved parties - exchange accommodator, seller, lender, and tenant
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We run our process for the purchase of your (upleg) net lease investment in parallel to your listing broker's process for the sale of your (downleg) property.  This ensures you are never rushed into decision-making during your 45-day ID period.

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Track record


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