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Real Estate Management Services

Maximizing asset value

You can trust Colliers with your investment. 
Colliers Real Estate Management Services Group has a proven track record of managing millions of square feet of office, industrial, retail and medical portfolios. Our Team has 85+ combined years of experience. Having managed over 5 million square feet of commercial properties, Colliers is one of the largest third party real estate management firms in Idaho and is locally owned and operated.

Our team works closely with clients to develop the most effective long-term real estate management solutions for value enhancement and asset stabilization. We provide comprehensive real estate management services with a clear focus on maximizing return on investment. We accomplish this through a unified management, maintenance and leasing team sharing a common vision for the owner’s goals and objectives.


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We offer:

  • Accounting Services
  • Capital Improvements
  • Contract Administration
  • Emergency Response
  • Energy Management
  • Financial Reporting    
  • Lease Administration
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Property Assessments
  • Property Insurance Services
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Vendor Management

Our team

All of our clients’ accounting needs are met here in our downtown Boise office. With 50+ years of combined experience, the team provides comprehensive financial reporting, keeps record of all income and expenses, creates monthly statements and advises on the annual operating budget. They work closely with each client to ensure all accounting services and reporting is tailored to individual needs.

With the largest maintenance group in the Treasure Valley, our team ensures your property is maintained in a first-class manner at all times, through both preventative and repair services. By removing the reliance on outside vendors our team creates a significant cost savings for our clients.

Successful real estate management starts with a focus on tenant retention. Colliers’ management team includes a point of contact for tenant issues and inquiries, and we proactively communicate with tenants to identify issues, measure satisfaction and determine upcoming tenant requirements. Colliers’ Service Center also provides tenants with a choice of quick and effective ways to request both tenant and emergency services.

At Colliers International we invest in the best technology to better serve our clients. Both Angus and Yardi are tools which are dedicated to the commercial real estate industry and are built with the client in mind.

 Angus AnyWhere is a secure cloud based operations management platform.
» Angus AnyWhere currently manages and services 2 billion plus square feet
» Private client portals
» Angus Systems connects our maintenance team with landlords and tenants, so that maintenance needs are directly and quickly communicated

Yardi is a comprehensive accounting and property management software providing owners with a broad spectrum of financial information. It manages your entire business, including operational, financial, leasing, and maintenance activities, all in a single database. With Yardi we are able to specifically tailor reports to clients needs. You decide the timing, format and content in each report—providing a continual snapshot of your investment.

Due to the size, scope and history of Colliers, we have developed a thorough knowledge of local and national vendors and are able to leverage our 5 million-square-foot portfolio to obtain competitive pricing in the market. We have identified the “best-in-class” for all maintenance categories and typically only utilize those vendors with whom we have established long-standing relationships that have excelled for us in the past, that have a strong safety track record, and who understand and share our service excellence philosophy. You will benefit from the leverage of our portfolio by receiving competitive and below market rates in many service areas.

We educate and lead our team to adopt sustainable practices that increase our clients’ asset value on an economic, environmental and social basis. We collaborate with our clients to ensure we optimize property performance, boost building occupant health and productivity, work to reduce our environmental impact, and conserve our natural resources. Our long-term corporate value is to generate sustained economic and ecological value for our clients, which in turn positively affects our communities and employees.

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