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Colliers Houston's Design and Construction Advisory team provides comprehensive planning, design and construction management services to help you successfully manage design and construction projects, including: ground-up, build-outs, building renovations, expansions and numerous add-on services.
  • dblue_AC_Office Maximize the value of your real estate footprint
  • dblue_SS_Project Delegated Management Occupy your space on time with ease
  • dblue_CS_Project Management Proactively reduce your risks & manage liabilities
  • dblue_CS_Investment Services Save upfront costs & long term expenses
  • dblue_SS_AlternativeInfrastructure Streamline processes by defining expectations

About Us


Who we are

Our Design and Construction Advisory Team is built on a diverse set of skills, experience and expertise that we leverage to ensure each client and project exceeds expectations through a process of strong communication, team collaboration, progress transparency and accountability.


How we can help you

Our team makes certain that your commercial real estate projects have the right partners, streamlined communications and available resources to achieve project success. We provide dedicated involvement in programming, design, and construction to help you exceed your goals.

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Our process

Is a well-structured approach encompassing the entire life of your commercial design and construction project. We begin by initiating the project's goals and objectives and work alongside you through the planning, design, build and decommissioning phases of your project to ensure seamless support, reduce exposure to risk and help your vision become a reality.


Bring all key stakeholders together and develop a clear understanding of the project goals, key drivers and communications.


Our team assists you with conceptual budgeting, coordinating property walkthroughs, preliminary schedules with updated supply chain insight, permitting context and early identification of best-in-class design and construction partners.


From programming and conceptual design through construction documents and permitting, our team addresses and captures all design possibilities during this phase. We collaborate, challenge and drive design input and decisions throughout this process.


Our Design and Construction Advisory team and selected contractors bring two dimensional drawings into reality by ensuring the quality, timing and cost are monitored, tracked and documented.


We take pride in crossing the “T’s” and dotting the “I’s”. We ensure all financial, schedule, design, construction and FF&E documentation are delivered to our clients at project completion.

Our Services

Begin with your end goal in mind. Colliers offers customizable services based on your project type, objective and goals. We use best-in-class project tracking, quality control and reporting tools customized to fit your needs and requirements. This provides comprehensive and integrated planning throughout the project cycle.

Project Management Colliers Atlanta

Planning & Program Management

From planning and managing one project initiative to planning, managing, and coordinating multiple concurrent projects for consistent execution across your portfolio, our team becomes your honorary internal resource. We provide site analysis, full-service project development, landlord and municipal review, oversight of the entire design process ensuring programmatic and cost adherence. We apply best practices and mobilize the right team of experienced professionals to represent our clients’ interests at every stage of the project management process.
Project Management Colliers Atlanta

Cost Management & Schedule Tracking

We take a robust reporting and analytical approach through leveraging our technology platform. We are proactive partners and advisors to ensure a successful project delivery. We work closely with our clients on budgeting to anticipate all costs for planning, design and construction. We build realistic project schedules that identify all key milestones, deliverables and assigned responsibility for achieving project completion.
Project Management Colliers Atlanta

Procurement Management & Contract Management

Colliers prepares comprehensive Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) and Proposals (RFPs) for the architect, engineer and any additional vendors that will result in competitive proposals from firms that are best qualified for the project. We determine procurement methods by pre-qualifying our design and construction team, issuing requests for proposals/bidding, pricing review/analysis, value engineering and contractor selection and negotiation.
Project Management Colliers Atlanta

Design Management & Oversight

The design process for a building project is interactive and involves multiple designers, specialists, and stakeholders. We coordinate the process, participate in meetings, and manage quality control of design documents. We help promote and challenge creativity implementation and are present to ask “out-of-the-box” or “unknown” questions to determine the right type of design for our clients’ work environment and operations.

Construction Management & Monitoring

Our team will facilitate and administer construction phasing and logistics.  We determine the most efficient on-site construction phasing, monitoring progress and costs, and identifying and managing key points of communication with the community and other stakeholders. We provide oversight to preferred contractors, vendors and consultants. Our professionals are the “glue” that holds the project team together.
Project Management Colliers Atlanta

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Management

Colliers develops comprehensive statements of work and RFP packages for the procurement of FF&E. We onboard the right partners for your project, schedule showroom or related project tours to see in-person installations.  We coordinate the process, participate and report on meetings. Additionally, our team manages quality control of the furniture specification packages, design documents, procurement tracking and installation integrations with onboarded contractors.
Project Management Colliers Atlanta

Punch List and Closeout Management

We manage your punch and closeout task list to ensure all deficiencies are addressed, provide your staff with training on new systems and finalize vendor payments and contracts.
Project Management Colliers Atlanta

Relocation & Decommissioning Management

This last phase of a project is critical. We provide the resources and organization methods to ensure a successful and positive relocation experience for the most important stakeholders, which are your internal end-users. Our project management team works closely with you, the vendors, and occupants to develop and maintain a move master plan. We strategically finalize the transition so that occupants can hit the ground running from day one.

Houston Design and Construction Advisory Experts

Guiding Principles

Our mission is to ensure that Colliers Design and Construction Advisory Services team guides our clients through best practices and processes, brings forth the right project partners selections, highly collaborative environment, thoughtful and consistent communications and available resources to achieve project success.
We value our stewardship. We have a fiduciary responsibility, that goes beyond just good stewardship of conducting, supervising, and managing our client’s programmed projects, finances, spaces, and operations.  We carefully manage those key resources in the most efficient manner possible. 
Colliers’ goal is to bring different resources and people to build a quality space in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner. 
We are passionate and laser focused on keeping our clients’ interest first and foremost.  In essence, we become an extension of your resources, service providers, and internal team, working together to meet your project mission, goals, and expectations. 

What makes us different

It is not what we do, but how we do it. Our clients are our top priority and sole focus. We don’t lose sight of this very basic fact.  Our team approaches each day with a servant mind and heart.

We leverage our understanding and knowledge of best practices and processes to help you realize the design potential in your workspace, brand, and operations.

We are committed to our responsibility in helping you transform those visions into reality.

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