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Law Firm Advisory


Real estate services for Atlanta's law firms

Atlanta's legal industry is more competitive than ever and developing a real estate strategy for your law firm requires comprehensive solutions that support your diverse practices, enhance productivity and increase long-term profitability.

Colliers Atlanta Law Firm Advisory provides local market expertise and a deep understanding of the legal industry to help you develop real estate solutions to maximize the potential of your real estate.


Your partners in commercial real estate

Colliers Atlanta Law Firm Advisory provides first-class, specialized real estate solutions for local, regional and national law firms with a presence in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding market. 


By partnering with us, you also gain access to the national and global Colliers Law Firm Services Practice, a team of experienced professionals including practicing attorneys and active members of legal industry organizations. 


The Colliers advantage

How do our clients benefit by partnering with Colliers Atlanta Law Firm Advisory?


Seamless support

Colliers Atlanta Law Firm Advisory works as an extension of your team. Our approach enables your firm to achieve outcomes such as increased employee satisfaction, heightened efficiencies and enhanced risk management – all while ensuring you have the time to focus on your core practice. 

Actionable insights

We help law firms analyze trends and new ways in which they must work to stay profitable and competitive. Colliers professionals gain insight from collaborating with national and global experts, legal industry publications and events. 


Solutions oriented

In a modern legal industry climate where change is the norm, we provide proactive real estate solutions that enhance productivity while minimizing capital expenditures and risks for today’s partners, associates, employees, and future generations.

Our services

What can Colliers Atlanta Law Firm Advisory do for you?

Operations & Portfolio Strategy

Optimize your entire real estate portfolio through strategic operations and portfolio planning solutions.

Lease Administration

Proactively manage your lease agreements across your entire firm.

Program & Project Management

Ensure real estate programs and projects remain on time and on budget throughout the duration of the project. 

Lease Acquisitions

Confidently identify and secure new leases aligning with your firm’s needs, budget and goals.

Location Strategy & Optimization

Maximize the potential of your real estate by evaluating locations that allow for recruiting top talent, maximizing incentives and securing economic development opportunities for your firm.

Workplace & Workflow Strategy

Leverage data and insights to develop an optimal workplace for your partners, associates and staff.


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News and insights

Aug 16, 2019

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Atlanta Experts

Our Atlanta-based law firm advisory experts specialize in providing real estate solutions for the legal industry.

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