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Atlanta Office Services

Find the right space for your business.


Tenant representation

Colliers Atlanta’s Office Services Team offers a full, comprehensive suite of tenant representation and corporate real estate services. Our services are specifically tailored to help office occupiers:

  • elevate their brand
  • streamline their operations
  • attract leading talent
  • make a meaningful impact on their bottom line

How our experts help

We partner with our clients to ensure their office lease is not just a line item – it’s a competitive advantage. We do this by bringing together our specialized market knowledge with a deep understanding of your business strategy to achieve your goals.

Our experts

The Colliers Atlanta Office Services team comprises more than 20 industry-leading tenant representation brokers, advisors and associates.


Our experts are highly specialized in the development of real estate strategies that maximize the potential of property and accelerate the success of your business objectives, clients and people. We work collaboratively amongst each other, pairing skills and expertise that meet and exceed your expectations to deliver enduring value.


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Tenant representation services

Whether you need to make a change of scenery or you are looking to establish a new presence in the Atlanta market, our team of office services experts can help you successfully and confidently navigate the complex nuances of securing a new lease. We leverage our extensive knowledge of the Atlanta office market and astute understanding of landlord motivation, tax savings opportunities and labor incentives to help you find and secure the best new location for your operations.
Mergers, acquisitions, and other operational changes often require a company to evaluate and adjust its real estate footprint. These changes are common, but they can often present many challenges and conflicts. We help you weather these challenges to arrive at an effective consolidation solution that supports cooperation, collaboration, flexibility and your corporate identity.
When your current location makes sense for you now, and in the future, it often helps to have a real estate partner on your side to ensure you get the most out of your lease renewal. Colliers Atlanta’s Office Services leverages our extensive knowledge of the market and landlord motivations to help you maximize savings, optimize lease terms, and allow for the seamless continuation of your success.
Often, a company’s success is measured by its amount of growth, but that doesn’t mean that growth is without challenge. By partnering with Colliers Atlanta’s Office Services, you can be confident that your space will support your success, not hinder it. We are experts in projecting growth and its implications to your real estate footprint and help you find the best expansion solutions for now and the future.
While direct leases for office space occupiers are common, sometimes the best option is something else. Whether that’s a sublease, co-working space, or even buying your own building, we are experts at understanding when it might be more beneficial for you to consider other options, and we’ll help guide you through securing and occupying whatever option is best for your needs.
Often, a change to your real estate strategy results in excess, unused space. Colliers Atlanta Office Services leverages a full suite of property marketing services to get your property in front of the right audience at the right time for the right price. We are committed to helping you minimize loss by helping you recoup as much of your real estate investment as possible.

Common Questions

These are some of the top questions we receive about the office leasing process.

The options available to you will depend on your unique situation and needs.

If your existing space satisfies your current and future needs, consider renewing your lease. If you've outgrown your space or need to make a change, you might consider subleasing additional space, relocating when your lease expires or even purchasing instead of leasing. Or, if you are looking to establish a presence in the Atlanta market by opening a new location, you might consider a new lease altogether.

Your tenant representation expert can help you determine which course of action is best for your needs.

It all starts with thinking critically about the future of your business and depends on the complexity of your requirements. The best office leasing decisions take medium- to long-range business goals into consideration. To account for this, we recommend engaging an office tenant representation expert at least 12 to 18 months in advance of your current lease expiration date, if not sooner.

No, when Colliers represents you as an office tenant, our fee is paid by the landlord. However, if your project includes additional real estate services such as a disposition, project management or another of our comprehensive real estate services, we may negotiate a fee for those services.

Build-out costs vary depending on each specific tenant's needs, what type of building and how long they occupy the space. While landlords often incentivize lease agreements by providing an allowance for build-out costs to the tenant, premium space requirements will usually result in the tenant paying for some of the costs. At Colliers, we leverage our negotiation expertise to help you maximize tenant improvement allowances provided by the landlord to help you save as much as possible on your build-out.

The majority of leases in the Atlanta market are typically five, seven or ten-year terms. Although leases can be signed for any length of time, landlords tend to prefer at least five-year terms.

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