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Colliers Success Stories


At Colliers, you can be who you want to be. Check out stories from our professionals on why they chose Colliers and how they embrace our core values for themselves, our clients and our communities.



"To be iconic is to be an aspirational example. You can be whatever you want to be in life and for me that's been a dad, a coach, a mentor, a community leader, an advisor and now a managing director."


- Will Haynes, Managing Director | Dallas-Fort Worth



"Our Colliers team that we've built really focuses on and embraces the vision of brokers first."


- Jeremy Jacobs, Managing Director & Market Leader | Colliers MSP



"The reason I chose Colliers over any other company to work for is they truly embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. My passion is to be successful in order to be able to help others. To be a mentor and a role model, especially to females is very, very important to me."


- Julie Dunn, Executive Managing Director | South Florida



"Whether you're a brokerage professional, in a support role, other advisory services or leadership, you truly have an environment where your career can take off and you'll be encouraged to continue to grow as your career develops."


- Jodie Poirier, Executive Managing Director | Greater Los Angeles


Make Your Own Opportunity

"The move to Colliers was in large part driven by opportunity. Not only personal opportunity but the opportunity that I saw within Colliers, from the leadership within the organization, the global brand and the top professionals we have in the industry."


- David Josker, President |Southwest Region