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Property Management

Colliers EMEA Property Management maximises property performance for owners, occupiers and communities. We will deliver this based on the three core components of Data, ESG and Experience.

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Maximising your property performance

The EMEA Property Management team manages over 20 million square metres of real estate in 12 countries, across all main asset classes. Our team knows and believes that everything we do across the portfolios entrusted to us begins and ends with what is best for each building – the investors, the people who work there, the people who visit and the local community.

Colliers’ digital property management is underpinned by service excellence on site, an impactful ESG approach, and dynamic data and reporting. 

It’s the combination of these features with Colliers’ unique agility and nimbleness that allows us to provide the highest level of service – whether that’s for one asset in one country or a portfolio that spans multiple countries.

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Digital-first expertise

Fully digital approach to on-site building infrastructure, and to healthy and SMART workplaces, to deliver enhanced experience and real-time insights.

Impact on sustainable performance
ESG principles run throughout our operations. We deliver on this with SMART tech, IoT and RPA to reduce resources consumed across the property lifecycle and maximise positive impact for our environment, owners and users of real estate.
Agile enterprising solutions
We are nimble and responsive to change and challenges, using new technology and processes to better analyse, manage and create impact.
People + tech in collaboration
The real power is delivered by the collaboration between people and technology. We invest in both and ensure the combination works to deliver better results - differentiated analysis with real impact on portfolios and individual assets.
Data-led decisions and delivery
We take a total view of data. This means: how we go beyond financial data to include ESG and customer experience data; how we gather the data; how we clean and store the data; how we mine and analyse the data, and; how we present the data. We call this the Colliers Data Value Chain and it underpins and informs everything we do on your buildings and portfolio.
Global insight, local expertise
Everything we do has to work locally − at each building, for each tenant, within each community − this is our starting point. Our global presence means we identify technology and asset developments at an early stage from our international portfolio, and then we make them work locally. Colliers’ Property Management is unique in its approach of meshing together global trends and local application for your portfolio.

Colliers EMEA Property Management in Numbers

  • 12 countries
  • 800 employees
  • 20M sq m under management
  • 3.6M sq m Industrial & Logistics space managed
  • 3.9M sq m Residential and Alternatives managed
  • 5.9M sq m Retail space managed
  • 6.1M sq m Office space managed

Property Management Services

We are proud to manage over 20 million square metres of real estate in 12 countries across Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. With our team of 800+, we aim to implement asset and portfolio management solutions that enhance value, increase efficiency and focus on tenant retention.

Expert Services

We provide expertise on all aspects of real estate 

Commercial management
Financial management
Technical management

For All Client Types

We work with all types of stakeholders

Financial institutions
Investment funds
Insurance and pension funds 
Private equity funds
Sovereign wealth funds 

Across All Sectors

We cover all sectors of real estate 

Industrial and logistics
Data centres
Alternative assets

2022 Global Investor Outlook

The report is Colliers’ annual in-depth exploration of investor sentiment, strategies and the forces set to shape real estate markets around the world. Our findings are based on a survey of 300+ investors across the globe and in-depth interviews with our regional Capital Markets leaders.

Global capital is back in 2022! Core and core-plus office spaces are the top global strategy picks and 75% of investors surveyed are integrating environmental factors into their strategies.

Measurabl Partnership 337x240

We announced a global strategic partnership with Measurabl, a widely adopted environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data management solution for commercial real estate. In doing so, Colliers augments its Property Management offering with ESG data management and reporting expertise to help clients better manage, measure, disclose and act on their portfolios.
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Colliers EMEA and National Country Leaders


4 May 2022

EMEA Office map – occupier conditions | Q1 2022

Our latest Q1 2022 office map depicts that 43% of markets surveyed remain tenant-favourable, marking no change from year-end.
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4 May 2022

EMEA Office map – rent & yields | Q1 2022

Our latest Q1 2022 office map indicates headline rental values continued to hold firm over the quarter as 59% of markets recorded stable conditions, albeit many remain propped up by incentive packages.
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21 Apr 2022

EMEA Capital Markets Snapshot | Q1 2022

Investor interest in commercial real estate in EMEA continued to recover as property is a hedge against prices
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Success and Insights

21 Apr 2022

European CRE proving resilient in the face of macro headwinds

EMEA CRE withstands Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in Q1, but future impacts unclear
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4 Apr 2022

Colliers completes acquisitions in Italy

Expands presence in an important European region
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