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Managing Risks in Complex & Emerging Markets

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Identifying, recognising and managing risk is one of the core components of running a successful organisation. These capabilities become even more important for operations in complex and emerging markets. Africa, for example, has historically witnessed political and economic instability mixed with famine or disease-related events of a scale that would typically make the front pages of newspapers if they occurred in the West. 

Yet Africa is also a diverse continent which is starting to show signs of economic prosperity beyond established havens such as South Africa, Egypt or Kenya. This reinforces the importance of not only adequately managing risks when dealing with these markets, but also of re-evaluating perceptions of risk in Africa in general. 

In our ‘CRE - Our industry today, tomorrow & beyond’ report I explain how market entrants can manage these risks in the post-COVID era, while tapping into the potential of fast-developing economies.



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United Kingdom

Filip Rerko

Head of Complex and Emerging Market Solutions

EMEA Headquarters, London

Head of Complex & Emerging Markets Solutions (CEMS).

Having spent almost 10 years at various real estate leadership roles at Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company, I bring to the table over 14 years of experience combining brokerage, consultancy, real estate strategy, planning & execution and facilities management.

I have a proven track record in carrying out lease acquisitions, dispositions or consolidations and wider real estate strategy manners simultaneously across various regions and cultures.

I play jazz piano, enjoy travelling and creating travel videos.

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