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Location strategy: More vital now than ever

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Corporate location strategy is often associated with cross-border investment flows, as businesses juggle and plan for increasingly international teams and operations. In 2020 these flows sank 35% from their 2019 level. COVID-19 was not the sole cause; the US presidential election, Brexit uncertainly, the US-China trade war and rising protectionism in many countries all contributed to the decline. On the upside, the global economy received an unprecedented boost from widespread government stimulus packages, which likely prevented an even deeper decline in cross-border investment.

In our ‘CRE - Our industry today, tomorrow & beyond’ report we explain why the need for a robust corporate location strategy remains key for companies across EMEA.



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United Kingdom

Elias van Herwaarden

Head of Location Strategy | EMEA

London - West End

Elias is Head of Location Strategy, Occupier Services - EMEA..

He has advised over 650 companies on where to locate new operations and where to consolidate existing ones.

In doing so he brings to bear a deep understanding of business operations, and of how to tune them to local operating conditions.

Having conducted field work in 47 countries and over 250 cities globally, he applies this expertise across all business functions: headquarters, manufacturing, R&D, warehousing and distribution, and shared services.

Elias expertise ranges from location strategy through tactics to project implementation. He developed robust data-models but holds that experience is key to deliver recommendations that work.

He regularly speaks and publishes on location strategy, emerging markets, business resilience and corporate deployment trends.

Elias teaches International Business Strategy at one of Europe’s top-10 universities, sits on the board of various international business associations and is member of the Site Selectors Guild.


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Jan Kamoji-Czapinski

Associate Director


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