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The digital flightpath: How to understand your CRE portfolio

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Probably the greatest challenge facing large companies that devolve real estate decision-making to the local level is gathering a single picture of the group portfolio. The starting point is often output from the finance and insurance teams. HR can also help, but each of these departments is likely to have their own way of referencing sites and buildings, and it’s rare that they will have modelled the portfolio at a lease level. 

Consolidating location references and modelling approaches means the data can then be combined with that of the corporate real estate (CRE) team. This enables accurate measurement of occupancy metrics, facilitates engagement with the business on strategy, and helps when pre-empting lease expiries, by allowing teams enough time to perform rent benchmarking which they can then use as leverage when re-negotiating. 

In our ‘CRE - Our industry today, tomorrow & beyond’ report I look at the flightpath that takes clients from a blank sheet to a fully audited data-set, and how external advisors can help.



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Will Harris

Head of Technology and Innovation

EMEA Headquarters

Will joined Colliers International in 2015. Based in London, Will currently has the role of Portfolio Strategy & Innovation Lead and is responsible for the development of the PortfolioExpert platform, specifically a new technology that brings portfolio data to life, with simple benchmarking and critical date management which facilitate collaborative strategy development in pursuit of savings.

Will is responsible for the provision and support of the Colliers 360 Technology suite in EMEA, liaising with the US Technology Team.

Will has successfully developed business and IT solutions for the business development team in Corporate Solutions. Will won the Da Vinci Award for innovation for his work integrating teams through technology.

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