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ExCEEding Borders Small Business Units Last Mile Logistics Sector in CEE-15


In this edition of the ExCEEding Borders series, we review the situation across 15 key Industrial & Logistics (I&L) markets in the CEE region.  The I&L property sector has continued to thrive since we presented our first ExCEEding Borders I&L report at the end of 2020. The total I&L stock for the CEE-15 region has grown to exceed 50 million m², with 20 million m² situated in and around the 15 capital city markets. While the sector has performed very well in recent years, it is not without its challenges. 
In the report, we present individual market data from each country plus concise commentaries, taking into account the impacts of both Covid and the War in Ukraine. Furthermore, we provide a high-level look into how the Small Business Unit (SBU) and Last Mile Logistics (LML) sub-sectors are developing.

For further details on the share of investment activity between markets, the sources of capital and pricing movements, take a look at our report by filling out the form below.