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What’s in a Yield? Creating a benchmark Comparison for European Markets | Q3 2019

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Local European markets have their own way of doing things. When it comes to providing a broader pan-European or EMEA view, it is important to discern these differences in order to compare markets on a like-for-like basis as much as possible. 

With real estate yields there are a myriad of factors that can impact the figures being quoted. Differences can also emerge as a result of descriptions lost in translation – one market’s Gross Yield can be another’s Net Initial and so forth. The purpose of this report is to examine the yields being quoted by a range of markets, in order to generate a set of consistent yield figures with which to compare markets. This takes into account the factors incorporated into the price/cost of acquisition and ownership, the rental level reported and the non-recoverables applicable when calculating NOI (net operating income). 

This report does not intend to provide is a comparison of valuation market practice. We fully appreciate that different practices operate in different markets for very valid reasons. Equally, we know that certain valuation practices will tend to include all capital expenditure (capex) as well as acquisition costs when reporting a Net Initial Yield, but this makes it impossible to compare markets on a consistent basis as capex is often unknown or specific to an individual asset.

What’s in a Yield? Creating a benchmark Comparison for European Markets | Q3 2019

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United Kingdom

James Moy


London - West End

James has experience in valuing single trophy assets and large portfolios of commercial and residential investment and development properties across Europe and Africa.

Recently James has been acting for a number of financial institutions and private equity firms in coordinating performing, non-performing and commercial loan valuations across Europe. The portfolio lot sizes have ranged from €250 million to €1 billion.

Recently James has been very active in the Dutch and German real estate markets working closely with the Colliers network in these countries.

James also carries out annual and semiannual valuations for financial reporting purposes along with one off valuations for IPO listings.

James has specifically been playing a greater role in sourcing cross boarder business development opportunities and referrals for the immediate and wider Colliers business.


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United Kingdom

Richard Divall

Director, Cross Border Capital Markets

London - West End

As Head of Cross Border Capital Markets, EMEA, I work with international clients who are interested in investing in the region and connect them with the best local Colliers expert based on their investment requirements. Conversely, I also help investors based in EMEA expand their portfolios to other regions around the world. Through my extensive connectivity in the global real estate market, I can connect capital with local expertise, regardless of location.

I work with a broad spectrum of clients including Sovereign Wealth Funds, global institutions, global private equity investors and high net worth individuals. Clients choose to work with me based on the full range of advisory services I provide including a macro view on local economies and property sectors, investor sentiment around the world and access to local buyers and sellers. 

Working with local offices in EMEA, we are able to provide a full range of advisory services including:

  • Local market reports
  • Financial analysis
  • Professional services
    • Asset management
    • Building surveys
    • Valuation
  • Initial tax advice
  • Banking finance

I have over 17 years real estate investment experience and during my career I have been involved in over £2billion in transactions in the UK.


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United Kingdom

Damian Harrington

Head of Research

London - West End

Damian Harrington is a Director and Head of Research for both Global Capital Markets and EMEA at Colliers. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry living and working from various locations across EMEA including London, Dubai, Prague, Helsinki and Amsterdam. Damian is responsible for producing research for internal and external clients. His expertise helps to provide clients with global capital market trends and analysis, and connects them with strategic and actionable insights, such as the changing nature of global capital and the impact on global capital flows. Damian has produced numerous research papers and generated analysis of markets across all asset types - from residential to offices, retail to logistics and hotels to niche sectors such as life sciences, air cargo and data centres. Damian is a member of the EMEA location strategy team and a key member of Colliers ESG focus group.  He speaks regularly at internal global conferences, external industry events hosted by GRI, ULI and other key industry bodies, plus key annual events such as MIPIM and EXPO REAL.

Damian holds a Masters degree in European Property Development and Planning from University College London, a BPI Bachelor of Planning from the University of Amsterdam and a BA (Hons) in Town and Country Planning from Manchester University. He is also a qualified surveyor, holding an MRICS with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

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