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Student Accommodation in CEE: the next big thing | April 2019

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Student accommodation has been one of the most successful new options for investors and developers in Western Europe to consider over the past ten years. We believe the next ten years will see this new opportunity, alongside its residential peer sectors such as micro living and senior housing, spread into the CEE region.

The present supply of private purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) in seven cities in the core CEE-6 markets is limited to 20 assets, with another eight under construction. A lack of affordability, the availability of very cheap but low quality private houses and state-owned dormitories and tight university budgets have stymied development in the past. A key demographic shift, with international students becoming an ever-higher proportion of the resident population is shifting expectations and perhaps affordability slowly towards international norms.

We assessed the potential demand over the next ten years via the expanding number of international students, through extrapolating recent growth trends. We calculated various demand scenarios, ranging between just 10% of international students looking to rent a bed in a unit, to half of them deciding to do so.

Student Accommodation in CEE: the next big thing | April 2019

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Kevin Turpin

Regional Director of Capital Markets | CEE


Kevin joined Colliers in October 2019 as the Regional Director for Research in CEE and has been working in the Commercial Real Estate industry in the field of property market research and consultancy for over 15 years. The research and consultancy team consists of 16 research analysts, covering numerous markets across the CEE region. Kevin’s role is responsible for the delivery of market research and insights to both Colliers clients and its business lines. Kevin and team research and advise on all market sectors with a key focus on Offices, Retail, Industrial & Logistics and Investment. Kevin's previous roles have been in the HR consultancy, Information Technology and Public sectors, where he has gained valuable international experience working with people, technology, business and finance.

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