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Colliers International announces new Corporate Industrial Advisory division

The new department consists of four senior real estate specialists who work alongside country experts and researchers across the EMEA region offering expert solutions to occupiers and institutional clients. The team will provide businesses with a better understanding of the market, its evolution and the underlying dynamics, taking into consideration adaptations of the local environment.

The Corporate Industrial Advisory division has developed a customised set of services tailored to the client and their needs including location consulting; site or building acquisition; benchmarking and restructuring; site, building or lease disposal; investment sale and leaseback; development advisory and project management and real estate property management.

Karel Stransky has over 25 years of experience in corporate real estate consulting, dealing with industrial planning, construction, development and transaction management for Pan-European clients such as Bridgestone, BP, Faurecia, Harman, Hollister. He previously established the Colliers Industrial Real Estate Services division based in the Czech Republic and lead the EMEA Industrial Practice Group.

Karel Stransky, Head of Corporate Industrial Advisory commented: “From selecting the country or site for the business location, enabling sites to run more profitably, through to the disposal of unused assets - our new department has the local market knowledge and expertise to address business challenges through the whole life cycle of a client’s real estate portfolio and beyond.

“Our division will represent a resource for companies when it is not economical for them to have their own internal experts dealing with geographical, geopolitical and real estate changes and risks. As a globally connected business, we will ensure consistent standards are achieved for each project while allowing for adaptations to local markets to achieve successful results to further exceed our client expectations going forward.”

“I am confident that Karel will have a significant impact on the future growth of the EMEA Corporate Industrial Advisory practice and will complement our existing team exceptionally well,” said Chris McLernon, CEO EMEA. “Karel has more than 25 years of international experience in the industry to draw upon and will be instrumental in developing our business and service offering internationally.”

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Czech Republic

Karel Stransky

Director EMEA Corporate Solutions


I have obtained Master's Degree in Geography from Masaryk University in Brno in 1984 and  MBA from Sheffield Hallam  University in 1997. 

First ten years of my proffesional Iife I  worked as a planner both in  private consulting   as well as  for the City of Brno as a Deputy Chief Architect heading Urban Development & Renewal Team. There I  have gained not only the understanding of how planning impacts the development but also  how to proactively use planning policies to initiate and support developments in both greenfields and brownfields. I had also studied relevant planing practices in the UK, Netherlands, USA and Japan.  

I joined Bovis P&O Team in Brno in 1994 shortly after this  developer started to  build Czech Technology Park, which was  one of the first industrial developments in Central Europe  in cooperation between the City  and Technical University. My mission  was to  promote this development, identify potential customers,  work with the construction team  in order to accomodate the needs of the tenants and manage the leaase transaction on behalf of the developer. I worked with companies such as Siemens or Silicon Graphics  , which became the first tenants of this development.

In 1996 I joined Colliers International as Senior Property Consultant to build   the Industrial Real Estate Agency in the Czech Republic.

I have grown and managed the industrial team of Colliers up till 2009 during which period this team became leader in the Czech industrial   market having  transacted  over 3 milion sq m of industrial floor space and land  both on behalf of the occupiers as well as the landlords.  Most of the customers were international companies such as Prologis, AIG Lincoln, Ctp or Goodman on the landlord side or Bridgestone, VF Europe,  Johnson Controls, Schenker, DSV, Gebruder Weiss, DHL,  Moduslink and many others on the occupier side . 

During this period I have also worked on behalf of the my  international occupier clients Bridgestone and Moduslink in the other European markets such as Spain or France as well as various countries of Central Europe.

 Shortly after the begining of financial crisis in the early 2009 I became Managing Director of Colliers Czech Republic and took the team through the trubled, loses making period and transformed it to the profitable business. 

In the midle of 2011 I have joined newly formed Corporate Solutions team in London to accomodate the needs of my existing as well as new industrial and manufacturing  customers across EMEA.  Since then I have   actively managed  industrial and manufactuirng related projects   in 17  countries of Europe, US  and Asia   covering the whole business life of the real estate: from location consulting through lease or freehold acquisition, portfolio management  to the building dissposals. 

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