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Stay up to date with the latest property market trends from real estate industry experts around Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With some of the deepest market coverage in the EMEA region, we are defined by our spirit of enterprise—taking initiative, thinking creatively, collaborating to achieve and using our expertise to consistently innovate. Explore our content to learn more about commercial real estate and the property market.

Latest Blogs

2 Dec 2020

Commercial Real Estate as an Asset Class

Real estate, in terms of asset classes, was often categorized within the sphere of alternative assets. However, today commercial real estate (CRE) is usually ranked with traditional asset classes such as bonds and equities.
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30 Nov 2020

Evolution Of Offices – What Do You Need To Know About Office Spaces?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a common and generally acceptable opinion of the office space and work from home, among many companies and office space users, implied that offices represented a place of work, productivity and gathering of employees, while work from home was not introduced at all as a standard way of working.
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