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Strategic Advisory Services

Maximising value and minimising risks of decisions and actions for property occupiers, investors and developers across Asia Pacific.

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Informed analysis and independent advice to grow and optimise your real estate portfolios


There are many considerations to optimise return on investment from your property assets. In fast-changing environments and competitive markets, it is crucial that your property decisions are based on sound and accurate knowledge.


Our team of strategic advisors across Asia Pacific offer a full range of property advisory services, across all real estate sectors, to ensure your business obtains greater opportunities.

Our Strategic Advisory services

View some of our service offerings or access more comprehensive services offered by country below.

Asset Optimisation

For the purposes of asset optimisation our strategic advisors conduct comprehensive feasibility studies, highest and best use analysis, design input and advice and cost/benefit analysis to improve the overall performance of a site or portfolio enabling our clients to uncover hidden value and maximise the potential of their business.


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Demographic & Economic Analysis

Covering every aspect of demographic and economic property analysis we can provide solutions with GIS mapping, demographic and psychographic data and analysis, macro/micro economic data analysis, forecasting and detailed supply/demand studies.


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Development Consultancy

We conduct in-depth market surveys, feasibility studies, design and management reviews, often in conjunction with other consultants such as architects, planners, engineers and quantity surveyors.

Our experts focus on the development strategy, marketing, financial and management aspects of a project to assist in optimising the returns for property developers and investors.


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Highest & Best Use Analysis Reporting

Conducting a highest and best use analysis is the basis of all market value appraisals before making an acquisition of development land or property. Such an analysis requires the expertise and resources that our experts possess, to help you assess the four criteria before you making an informed decision:

  • Legal permissibility 
  • Physical possibility
  • Financial feasibility
  • Maximum productivity

Our detailed market analyses will determine the appropriate land use mix, development potential and highest and best use value to accelerate your property’s success.


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Market Studies

We provide comprehensive market studies - from market evidence, market sounding and competitor analysis to business case support.

Our experienced team of strategic property advisors produce analyses on supply pipeline, historic sales review, product mix/design and infrastructure impact critical for project success.


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Portfolio Audits

Our strategic advisors produce detailed portfolio audits which include benchmarking and auditing, portfolio optimisation and rationalisation.

We also provide lease audits and acquisition and disposal strategies to reshape and optimise your portfolio to drive your business goals and achieve greater business results.


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Strategic Transaction Management

We provide solicited advice on a wide range of strategic transaction management issues, including:

  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Risk management
  • Project positioning
  • Distressed asset repositioning
  • Pre-sale/pre-purchase due diligence
  • Deal structuring
  • Exit strategies


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Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

Combining the power of spatial and business data with our local market knowledge, our GIS expertise simplifies, optimises and unveils hidden insights to your operational and property needs.

Our strategic advisors apply geospatial analysis as a way of doing business. This includes site selection optimisation, trade area analysis, portfolio analysis, competitive network review, demographic profiling, supply chain mapping, locational cost-effectiveness comparisons and interactive mapping, among others, giving our clients a competitive edge in the market place.


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Local knowledge, global connections

Access more of our integrated strategic advisory service offerings across Asia Pacific by country.

Industry-leading research

Make informed decisions. Get access to the latest property reports, essential market trends and projections.

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