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Office Leasing Services

Maximising the leasing potential of office properties across Asia Pacific through a complete range of services.

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Identifying hidden value and unlocking new leasing opportunities

Every property has a story — a unique combination of history and strengths that a property owner or landlord can leverage to maximise a building’s value.


If you have an office for lease, we have markets across Asia Pacific covered. We partner with our clients by providing advice on new developments, refurbishment projects, major projects, re-positioning of assets, government pre-commitments, sustainability, commercial trends and tenant decision-drivers; combined with innovative marketing to lease your office space in the shortest possible time while achieving the best possible terms.

Our Office Leasing services

View some of our service offerings or access more comprehensive services offered by country below.

Asset positioning and precinct strategies

Office Leasing is now more about the 'place', rather than just leasing a 'space' for a business.

In today's market, our team are doing more work with clients on asset positioning and precinct strategies in order to align their buildings for the future tenant and their workplace. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and understanding of what tenants want in a future workplace and how the precinct needs to compliment those needs.


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Competitor and lease analysis

Our Office Leasing division has developed specialised tools in order to provide you with the facts on competitors and financial returns. 

  • Our Competitor Analysis tool allows us to analyse the market competition from a tenants' perspective to understand why tenants would choose your asset over others in the market. It also provides an overview of potential building works that could be undertaken to influence a tenants' decision to move or stay.
  • Our Lease Analysis tool allows us to provide comparisons between the lease details of your asset to competing assets in the market and understand what financial offers could be impacting a tenant's decision.


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Innovative property and project marketing

We have a dedicated team of industry-leading marketing experts to assist our clients with the development of tailored marketing strategies to compliment every leasing strategy. 

Specialising in online and traditional marketing mediums, we are well-experienced in marketing direct space to pre-commitment marketing, and have deep understanding on how to target particular tenant profiles and audiences to align with your business needs.


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Research and market analysis

Our tenant engagement strategy entails regular research, knowledge forums and workshops with tenants to keep abreast of what tenants want and who is responsible for property decision making in international organisations.

Our team has a wealth of experience, knowledge and an extensive information network enabling us to lease your office asset to the right tenant, faster. 


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Tenant identification and building requirements

With in-depth knowledge of the local office markets and a trusted network of tenant relationships, our office leasing experts provide recommendations on potential works and upgrades to your office asset that can influence a tenant's decision to move or stay.

Whether you have a direct lease, pre-lease, pre-commitment or repositioning, our team has the best network of relationships to achieve the best financial outcome for you.


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Local knowledge, global connections

Access more of our integrated office leasing service offerings across Asia Pacific by country.

Industry-leading research

Make informed decisions. Get access to the latest property reports, essential market trends, projections and videos.

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