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Real Estate STO Whitepaper | 1st paper

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Colliers APAC Research - Real Estate STO Whitepaper part 1 download

STOs will bring greater efficiency to real estate transactions and facilitate the creation of more innovative investment products with real estate as the underlying assets.

In the first of a series of three Real Estate STO whitepapers jointly developed by Deloitte China, Colliers’ Valuation & Advisory Services team, HKbitEX and Sidley Austin, we discuss the increasing use of tradable tokenised digital securities known as ’security token offerings’ (STOs) and its potential adoption in the real estate sector.

With the region’s transaction volumes tipped to see a strong rebound in 2021, the use of STOs is expected to rise exponentially and boost liquidity in the Asia Pacific property investment market.

Key takeaways of the whitepaper:
  • The use of STOs as a dynamic new asset class creates an additional avenue for companies to raise capital and facilitates direct ownership of property assets

  • The benefits of STOs for real estate investors include greater efficiency, lower costs and access to a broader investor base, while offering fractionalised interests in property assets, higher liquidity and enhanced information transparency

  • New developments in government policies in Hong Kong SAR, including revitalisation of the REIT regime and the launch of new Limited Partnership Funds will help drive robust growth in the adoption of STOs


Download the whitepaper below. For further insights on this report or advice on STOs across Asia, reach out to our expert C K Lau.

2021 apac cvas real estate sto whitepaper part 1 colliers 1x1

Real Estate STO Whitepaper | 1st paper

Download Report
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Hong Kong SAR China

CK Lau

Managing Director | Hong Kong & Managing Director | Asia CVAS

Managing Director's Office | Hong Kong

Hong Kong

CK Lau is the Managing Director | Hong Kong and also leads the Valuation & Advisory Services business as Managing Director | Asia.  He has over 30 years’ property experience in valuation, real estate consultancy and investment sales in Hong Kong, mainland China and the Asian region. 

His expertise includes development consultancy; government lease modification application and premium negotiations; investment and development sites sales; litigation valuation advice and expert witness in the High Court/Lands Tribunal/arbitration; portfolio valuations; REIT property advice; rental determination; and valuation due diligence services.

He writes regularly on topics relating to land use and development in Hong Kong since 2010. His collection of over 200 articles in the Hong Kong Economic Journal and other publications can be viewed through the following link:

CK is also a member in the following publications:

• “The HKIS Valuation Standards 2017 & 2020”

• “HKIS Guidance Notes on Valuation of Development Land” published in 2016

• “Surveyors acting as experts in commercial rent determinations” Joint guidance note Hong Kong prepared by the HKIS and RICS Hong Kong” 1st edition 2015


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