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Meet our Experts | Joey Yuan


Professionalism and teamwork to drive success. Experts choose experts like Joey.

With solid experience in strategic advisory, valuation and research, Joey Yuan, Executive Director of Valuation & Advisory Services in Colliers Taiwan enjoys and gets satisfaction when taking part in land usage projects, from advising land usage at the very beginning to completing the project and seeing it in operations. 

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What was your first job?

My first job was valuer and researcher. I studied land economics at university and graduate school and wanted to work as a real estate consultant to get start in the industry.

What was your first impression about the valuation industry?

When I first joined the industry, I was quite busyWe had to complete two to three valuation reports every week We did site visits and market research outside of office during the daytime, and wrote reports when we got back to office. My first impression about the valuation industry was that it was a professional industry, but people were busy and needed to work over-time.


What are you passionate about in your career?

I initially did the valuation and strategic advisory and shifted my focus to strategic advisory in the past few years. The most fulfilling moment is getting clients’ recognition after proposal submissionGoing through the journey from advising the land usage of a piece of ‘potential sites’, to completing the project and seeing it in operations gives me great satisfaction and keeps me motivated at my work.

How do you accelerate your success?

There is no shortcut in the real estate industry. You need to build up knowledge in law, market, finance, etc in the first few years and strengthen project management and operational skills when executing different projectsWhen you become a supervisor, you should be courageous to take responsibility and develop your capability in business development, client relationship and departmental management.


"There is no shortcut in the real estate industry."

Joey Yuen
Executive Director, Valuation & Advisory Services | 


What is your most memorable success at work?

There were many achievements during my time in China and back in TaiwanOne of my most memorable successes was from 2010 to 2014, when I supported the asset activation for Taiwan’s four major state-owned enterprises. We organised ten 100-person investment briefing sessions every year. The project involved early-stage asset planning, investor acquisition, deal closing, and contract signingWe enabled clients to get investment for ten projects and got TW$11 billion (around US$36 million) premiumThis project’s success also significantly increased the awareness of Colliers in Taiwan.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I enjoy working in real estate industry because I enjoy visiting different places and meeting other people Hence, I like travelling, mountain climbing and ball games outside of work to keep my curiosity for new things.

What is your work motto?

Personal success comes from professionalism. Project success comes from teamwork.’ Strategic Advisory Experts should accumulate one’s professional experience and value teamwork at the same time


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