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Meet our Experts | Hisakazu Iso, Deputy Managing Director, Capital Markets & Investment Services for Japan

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A dedicated real estate expert with a passion for home DIY. Experts choose experts like Hisakazu.

Why do you work at Colliers?

I work at Colliers because of the rate at which we are growing in Japan. Since Oggy (Ogasawara-san) took over as Managing Director and Chairman in 2020, our business in Japan has more than doubled and our capabilities are continuing to expand. Colliers is gaining more and more attention in the Japanese market as the fastest-growing global real estate services and investment management company in the world.

Having spent almost 30 years as an executive in charge of real estate at a trust bank in Japan, I decided to join Colliers because I am empowered to build on my experience and passion for real estate.

I also love the wonderful people I get to work with at Colliers who are talented, experienced, and enterprising.

What are your passions outside of your job at Colliers?

Home DIY is my biggest passion at the moment. Due to COVID-19 and its restrictions, I have been spending much more time at home — and I see all kinds of things that I want to fix. I used to be a part-time carpenter when I was in college, so I have all the tools I need. I have remodeled a washstand, renovated a bathroom, installed a TV antenna, and recently re-laid tatami mats by myself.

The other thing I love to do is to play with my French bulldog, which is always with me while I am at home. He is super cute and adorable! 


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For more expert insights on accelerating the success of your next real estate investment in Japan or across Asia Pacific, connect with Hisakazu Iso or our team of Capital Markets & Investment Services experts today. 

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