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Meet our Experts | Hannah Jeong, Head of Valuation & Advisory Services for Hong Kong

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An innovative and open mind to create opportunities. Experts choose experts like Hannah.

Hannah Jeong, our Head of Valuation & Advisory Services in Colliers Hong Kong stays motivated by the endless learning opportunities from different projects she works on. She believes that when staying focused on what one is doing and enjoying, great results will follow.

Watch this video to continue to know more about Hannah’s career journey.


What was your first job?

My first job was Colliers! I came to Hong Kong to do my Master's and then I had a few friends asking me to join Colliers  I joined in 2006, starting as a Research intern. 

I then had a few projects in the Valuation department and I found them really interesting, so I had requested to be considered as a Graduate Trainee. Since then, I started developing my career in Colliers and now I am heading the Valuation and Advisory Services department in the Hong Kong office.

What was your first impression about the valuation industry?

Hong Kong is such a fast-moving city with high real estate values. I was really surprised how high the property values are. There have been few crises since 2006  from the Global financial crisis, the crash of the Chinese stock market and the Brexit referendum, to social instability in Hong Kong SAR and Covid-19  yet the Hong Kong market was able to rebound quickly and continued evolving every time. I really enjoy being part of this dynamic market.

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What are you passionate about in your career?

Being a surveyor in Hong Kong, you will never stop learning because every project is really different — and I never get bored.

One thing I really enjoy about being a valuer is playing with numbers. I love cash flow. I love playing with numbers. I think that is the most attractive part of being a surveyor in Hong Kong.

How do you accelerate your success?

There is no secret. Just focus.

To me, getting a higher salary, promotion or winning a bigger account and more clients, are all results. If you focus on what you like and what you are doing, these results will follow. I don’t have a secret weapon; I just stay focused on what I am doing. I think this is the key to success.


"Take ownership and action now."

Hannah Jeong
Head of Valuation & Advisory Services
Hong Kong 


What is your most memorable success at work?

I supported a hedge fund client in Hong Kong to value a shopping mall asset in Korea since 2010. After a few years, the borrower filed for bankruptcy and the hedge fund took over the hard asset, and had to manage and sell it within a short time frame.

I approached the client directly and creatively proposed to act as an acting managing director of the whole project  from renovation, project management, marketing, leasing, property management and disposal. The client agreed and outsourced the project to Colliers instead of hiring any staff locally.

After two years of asset enhancement and leasing, we successfully sold the asset and generated around US$1 million in revenue. We were a real estate advisor, not just a valuer. We can definitely create more opportunities if we can be open-minded and innovative.

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What are you passionate about outside of work?

Most of my time is spent around my three kids and work. In between, I will try to do yoga, travel or just relax a little bit; I just returned from a skiing trip in Switzerland with my family, which was incredible.

I think that regaining energy is always very important for doing more than 100% at work or at home.

What is your work motto?

I have a work motto, ‘If not me, then who? If not now, when?’ I take ownership of company and try to do it by me and also right now. I try to take action as quickly as possible.


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Hannah Jeong

Head of Valuation & Advisory Services

Valuation & Advisory Services

Hong Kong

Hannah Jeong has extensive valuation & advisory services experience over 17 years including property investment and development projects specialising in valuation, development consultancy, financial analysis and feasibility studies. Project’s geographic coverage span across Asia Pacific and Middle East, in particular Hong Kong, China and Korea. She has started her career with Colliers since 2006 and is now heading our Valuation and Advisory Services - Hong Kong Office with over 40 professionals.

Hannah has strong client coverage on major financial institutions including global real estate funds and private equity firms.

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