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Case Study | Baoan Urban Renewal Project: Brokerage


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Location (City)

Asset Type

Transaction Date

Size (Sqm)

Value (USD)


Industrial Regeneration

Q1 2021




Buyer: Confidential

Seller: Confidential

Services provided: Brokerage


The Challenge

Although the project was in an excellent location and had great urban renewal potential, the complicated nature of the transaction structure, which involved business spin-off, sale and lease back, onshore loan transfer, as well as onshore and offshore equity transfers, deterred many potential investors.

The Strategy

With a thorough understanding of Shenzhen’s industrial urban renewal market and its market players, along with the project’s pros and cons, Colliers was able to establish a focused sales and marketing plan with an achievable price point.

The highly targeted marketing effort was aimed at potential acquirers, who understood the local market and had experience in working with complicated deal structures.

The Solution

After a thorough study of Shenzhen’s industrial urban renewal market, along with a deep understanding of the project itself, Colliers assisted the vendor in setting up a suitable marketing plan and pricing scheme.

This was an effective measure, as an offer was quickly secured.

The Result

Through a collaborative effort, the complications of the deal structure were overcome, and the deal was transacted within the expected timeframe.

Both the vendor and acquirer were very happy with Colliers' service.


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