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Case Study | Asakura Logistics Site: Brokerage


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Location (City)

Asset Type

Transaction Date

Size (Sqm)

Value (USD)


April 2021

approx. 11 million


Buyer: Logistic Developer

Seller: Chisan Kaihatsu

Services provided: Brokerage


The Challenge

• Price expectations gap
The acquirer was looking to achieve its first acquisition for the site of warehouse development in Kyushu with a budget that was not able to meet the vendor’s pricing expectation.

The Strategy

Colliers leveraged on the close working relationship we had with both the vendor and the acquirer, to assist them in navigating the negotiations and transactions process.

Colliers worked to ensure the vendor was kept up to date and ensured that the vendor understood and was kept abreast of the decision-making process that foreign funded corporations followed, which required time to allay uncertainties.

Colliers was also able to negotiate with the acquirer, on behalf of the vendor, to accept the conditions requested.

The Solution

As a result of a close working relationship with both the acquirer and vendor, Colliers was able to provide in-depth advice and work to ensure both parties were able to obtain the best possible individual value and outcome.

The Result

Despite the length of time the transaction took, and various hurdles faced, both vendor and acquirer were able to reach a mutual understanding and attain their goals.


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