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Case Study | Great Wall Finance Center: Brokerage

Colliers Asia CMIS_Great Wall Finance Center Shanghai 3x2 v2

We didn’t just see commercial property. We saw investment opportunities delivering desired yields and returns.

Location (City)

Asset Type

Transaction Date

Size (Sqm)

Value (USD)


Office & Hotel Q2 2020 78,379

$442 million

Services provided:

Buyer: Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited

Seller: Confidential


The Challenge

  • Complexity of transaction structure
  • Tight timelines

The vendor’s SOE background necessitated a public bidding process, which caused some uncertainty during the transaction.

Meanwhile, potential investors required sufficient market information and professional advice to make an evaluation of the property within the vendor’s required timeframe.

The Strategy

With Colliers’ in-depth understanding of the Shanghai office market and subject asset, detailed materials were prepared to aid investors in the evaluation process.

Colliers was also able to assist the vendor in understanding the background and financial standing of potential investors, providing the information they needed to choose the appropriate counterparty.

The Solution

Colliers’ advice allowed the acquirers to prepare an internal investment report that helped them make key decisions and participate in the public bidding process.

Colliers also maintained good relationships with both the vendor and acquirer, which ensured the entire negotiation process was conducted smoothly.

The Result

The acquirer succeeded in purchasing the property at the desired price and within the vendor’s time frame. Further, the vendor was happy to sell the property to our client given their strong reputation. 


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Betty’s CMIS team focuses not simply on carrying out property transactions on an individual basis, but instead on developing long-term relationships and ensuring that the best resources of the company are applied to create innovative real estate solutions, which produce lasting value for their clients. Each of her core team members has over 10 years’ experience serving the real estate industry and fully understands major real estate markets across China. The team provides clients with the best investment strategies, covering office, retail, business park, residential and industrial sectors.

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