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In Conversation with Bastiaan van Beijsterveldt

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Bastiaan van Beijsterveldt appointed new Managing Director for Singapore

Q: How long have you been in the real estate industry and how did you come to join Colliers? 

I have been working in commercial real estate in Asia Pacific for 15 years. In addition to Singapore, I have also worked in Seoul for almost four years and have spent shorter periods of time in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Sydney.

I chose to join Colliers based on the core values which are unique in the market, an agile and entrepreneurial organisation which gives the opportunity to be an expert and do what is right for clients. We invest in relationships to gain deeper insights into our client needs and ensure our expert advice is enterprising and collaborative.

Q: How do you use your expertise to help clients?

For me, it all starts with understanding our client and their requirements. No single client is the same, and thus, a tailored holistic strategy needs to be developed and implemented for each client. Because of our agility, we spend more time with each client and our core competencies set us apart accordingly. Superior analysis, analytics and insights are important differentiators, and something we pride ourselves on daily.

Q: What excites you about being part of the Asia Pacific team? 

The opportunity to continue to deliver exceptional service and advice. The Singapore office is on a great growth path, and I am looking forward to helping accelerate this growth.

We have a group of exceptional entrepreneurial talent in our business that lead the industry in the Singapore and broader Asia Pacific real estate markets. Clients come to find us for holistic tailored advice, and we will continue to expand our offering to meet our clients’ requirements. Market insights, analysis and tailored advice will continue to be vital fundamentals in all we do.


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Bastiaan VB

Managing Director | Singapore

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Bastiaan is the Managing Director for Colliers in Singapore. His responsibilities include the strategic direction of the Singapore office, to lead the growth and diversification initiatives, ensure superior service delivery and develop market leading teams. He oversees all business lines including Capital Markets, Investment Sales, Occupier Services, Valuations & Advisory, Industrial Services, Hotel Advisory, Research, as well as Marketing & Communications and the Human Resources and Finance Teams.

Pertinent to this assignment Bastiaan was the Head of Occupier Services in Singapore and has led complex transaction projects for diverse global multinationals and investors throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region.

In Asia - Pacific, Bastiaan lived and worked in; Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia and Australia.

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