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Reshaping the future of work in Mumbai

A best-in-class workplace that encourages engagement, employee wellbeing, and sustainability.

Reshaping the future of work in Mumbai

Colliers professionals in Mumbai relocated to a new space at One BKC in the city’s financial hub. The office's thoughtful, employee-centric design embodies collaboration, innovation, and fun.

A workplace with fixed seating has shifted to one that is activity-based, promoting teamwork and employee choice on where and how they prefer to work. Ergonomic focus desks are encircled by collaboration spaces, brainstorm walls, booths, and high desk seating designed to promote impromptu discussions.

The environment is designed with wellness in mind. It emphasizes natural light and has a built-in HVAC system that maximizes fresh air, as well as biophilic greenery that acts as a natural air purifier.

Furthermore, CO2 sensors and air quality monitoring systems ensure employee health has been given top priority. A walking track and gym are front and centre, demonstrating that work and exercise can go hand in hand. Meeting rooms are acoustically treated, equipped with interactive screens to conduct hybrid meetings and make the best use of the physical space and virtual technology platforms.

The space is tethered to our strategic values of productivity, activity, and an enterprising culture. While focused on employee wellbeing, we are also aiming to make it a LEED Platinum certified office, which demonstrates our commitment towards energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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