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COVID-19: Insights & Opportunities for Occupiers in Asia Pacific Real Estate


In a recent webinar hosted by the RICS WBEF, experts from Colliers discussed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Asia Pacific, with a focus on real estate markets. This edition of the COVID-19 Q&A reflects the views of Sam Harvey-Jones, Managing Director, Occupier Services, Asia.

  1. How bad is the COVID-19 economic shock?
  2. What are your near, medium and long term recommendations for occupiers and investors?
  3. How quickly can APAC economies and real estate sectors expect to recover?
  4. How have markets reacted to stimulus packages? How are occupiers and investors responding?
  5. What sectors of the real estate market, if any, stand to gain from the disruption, and which will be hardest hit?
  6. Working from home has quickly become the new normal for billions of the workforce across Asia Pacific. What might this tell us about the future of the APAC workplace?