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Winnie Lam


Chief Operating Officer


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Professional Summary

I have been working in the APEC region for the last 15 years with the majority of time spent in Vietnam leading various organizations in the capacity of Country Head or Functional Leader in Business Development & Marketing. I started in Hong Kong and my early career days were spent in Canada. 

I am equally experienced as a front-line service provider as well as an operation expert currently overseeing the day to day of our Vietnam operation and since 2017.  Having worked and based in Canada, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Vietnam while managing other regional offices in APEC, I have a solid international network and is being considered one of the leading experts in the Vietnam business market.

I am a regular speaker in the region on starting up in Vietnam and am an active member in the community through various chambers participating at the Board level. 


Majority of my career has been in providing professional services enabling companies' operations in a new country.  I have led a few successful exit diverstment activities  while starting up others over the past 10 years. 



I graduated from the US with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and hold a professional certificate as a registered teacher in Hong Kong. I am also a certified interpretor for Cantonese-English.  

Memberships & Involvements

Past Head of HR Committee of Amercian Chamber of Commerce HCMC 2008 to 2011

Presdient of Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam 2021 to date, Past President 2011 to 2013; member since 2007

General Secretary to the Board at Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam 2015 to date; Board Member since 2013

Past Head of Charity Committee of Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam 2018 to 2019; Committee Member since 2016

Volunteer of various NGOs in Vietnam


Refer to LinkedIn Profile for various client testimonials from past clients, superiors, peers and staff. 

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