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Giao Le

General Accountant


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Professional Summary

Giao Le has over 07 years of experience in Corporate Accounting. She has experience in the different finance fields such as produce, software, service, retail.


-    Established/Improved the finance system for various companies  in accordance with financial regulations and enterprise law.

-   Establish the finance system for newly establish companies and maintain the accounting activities, operating enterprises in accordance with financial regulations.

-     Researching, building, developing and perfecting the existing accounting system, setting up and presenting general and detailed reports that are highly appreciated and applied by the enterprises to present until now.

-    Complete external audit by analyzing and schedule general ledger accounts, providing information for auditors.

-    Can work independently or associate accounting in a corporation.


- The Bachelor of Accountancy  - University of Finance and Marketing 

- Chief Accounting Certificate - University of Economics

- Taxes & Tax Report - Institute of Management Accountants

- Bank Accountant - University of Economics



Property Type

Hotels, Industrial, Office, Retail

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