Brazil Offices

São Paulo - Headquarter Brasil
Rua das Olimpíadas, 205 – 1º andar
04551-000 São Paulo, SP - Brasil
+55 11 3323 0000

Campinas - REMS
Rua Dr. Antônio de Arruda Camargo, 313 
13092-170 Nova Campinas, SP - Brasil
+55 19 3794 2300 

Rio de Janeiro
Av. Almirante Barroso, 63 - sl. 1.217
20031-003 Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brasil
+55 21 2524 4242

Av.Gov. Agamenom Magalhães, 4.575 - sl.1.503
50070-160 Recife, PE - Brasil
+55 81 3037 2222

Av. Dom Luis, 807 - 20° andar
60160-230 Fortaleza, CE - Brasil
+55 85 8171 2727

Sandra Ralston

Sandra Ralston
Vice President
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Q. What drew you to Colliers International initially?
A. I was seeking an operations position, having recently left a similar role in the non-profit sector and was curious to learn more about the commercial real estate industry. Entering on the operations side, I gained a unique perspective: watching the vision of Colliers International, unfolding through key hires in several strategic areas, transform into the reality of being the #2 real estate provider in the world. I’ve also helped foster collaboration within and throughout the Practice Groups which has contributed to increased revenues for the organization. In my six years with Colliers, I’ve learned how multi-faceted, complex and dynamic the commercial real estate industry truly is, and I’m fortunate to play a small role in the success of this enterprise.

Q. Describe your typical day at Colliers International.
A. At morning, several strategic meetings with clients and with Colliers Brazil teams. Lunch with clients and/or partners. General business stuff afternoons (driving local teams, answering calls, emails, requests and others).

Q. What drew you to Colliers International Initially?
A. Information and the individual broker culture.

Q. Where do you see Colliers International being in 3 years? How are you going to help us get there?
A. Colliers will keep the market share between the 3 major companies in the planet, but we will be best service provider of Brazil real estate market. My great networking allied to the organizational capacity, relationship and passion for working, are really essential to achieve this success.

Q. What do you do when you're not working?
A. I love cooking and meet friends for a nice dinner and also take care of my orchids.