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Brazil Offices

São Paulo - Headquarter Brasil
Rua das Olimpíadas, 205 – 1º andar
04551-000 São Paulo, SP - Brasil
+55 11 3323 0000

Campinas - REMS
Rua Dr. Antônio de Arruda Camargo, 313 
13092-170 Nova Campinas, SP - Brasil
+55 19 3794 2300 

Rio de Janeiro
Av. Almirante Barroso, 63 - sl. 1.217
20031-003 Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brasil
+55 21 2524 4242

Av.Gov. Agamenom Magalhães, 4.575 - sl.1.503
50070-160 Recife, PE - Brasil
+55 81 3037 2222

Av. Dom Luis, 807 - 20° andar
60160-230 Fortaleza, CE - Brasil
+55 85 8171 2727

A lease means more than simply securing the space where you do business—for most companies, real estate represents the second-largest expense after personnel.

Whether your company operates in one location or hundreds, we take the time to understand your concerns for cost, stability and flexibility. We also audit to ensure contracts are properly administered and systematically manage your lease agreements to ensure they support your business strategy.

Brokerage and Agency: Tenant Representation

From a needs analysis to short-listing options to space planning and contract negotiations, we offer guidance throughout the process of securing a lease. Our tenant representation specialists ensure the lease serves your long-term business strategy and your objectives for cost, flexibility and stability.

Corporate Solutions

We see the big picture for corporations through a partnership approach to providing corporate solutions. The hallmarks of our approach are clarity, strategy and accountability, resulting in a more efficient use of resources and greater support for your overall business goals.

Project Management

We provide strategic leadership to public and private sector clients, delivering cost savings, proactive risk management and sustainability strategies. Through a single point of contact, we provide accountability to complete projects successfully, on time and on budget.

Research Services

From data collection to market analysis to complex data mapping, we provide you with the intelligence and foresight needed to make critical decisions. Our extensive database of property information supports experts who can help you take advantage of changing market conditions.