Brazil Offices

São Paulo - Headquarter Brasil
Rua das Olimpíadas, 205 – 1º andar
04551-000 São Paulo, SP - Brasil
+55 11 3323 0000

Campinas - REMS
Rua Dr. Antônio de Arruda Camargo, 313 
13092-170 Nova Campinas, SP - Brasil
+55 19 3794 2300 

Rio de Janeiro
Av. Almirante Barroso, 63 - sl. 1.217
20031-003 Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brasil
+55 21 2524 4242

Av.Gov. Agamenom Magalhães, 4.575 - sl.1.503
50070-160 Recife, PE - Brasil
+55 81 3037 2222

Av. Dom Luis, 807 - 20° andar
60160-230 Fortaleza, CE - Brasil
+55 85 8171 2727

Career Development

Expertise. It’s a competitive advantage. How do we keep that edge? We keep learning. We’re focused on giving our employees every opportunity to learn more and do more. We offer personal development, tuition reimbursement and sponsor our own university—the first and only one of its kind in the industry.

Colliers University

Colliers University Logo
In 2002, we launched Colliers University to give our employees a unique learning environment to grow their skills and their careers. Now, the University includes more than 1,000 classes and has accelerated the success of more than 7,000 Colliers professionals.

Career Development

Colliers supports people to excel in any role, whether just launching their careers or leading a winning team. We reward initiative, ingenuity and a drive to succeed—and we’re constantly on the lookout for rising stars.

How can we take your career to the next level? Rich training, career development paths, mentoring opportunities, external coaches … our managers collaborate with you to develop a roadmap and resources for where you want to go.

Want to go international? Try something new? Polish your skills for advancement? We’re here to help. Our philosophy is “all personal development is professional development,” so whether we help you in work or in life, we know it all adds up to a stronger team.

Sample Courses


Defining Your Market Identity 
Research shows that those with a strong personal market identity, coupled with a powerful corporate brand, are able to generate more new business and referrals. This two-part course defines the process of building your personal identity in the marketplace.

Business Case for Sustainability and Green Buildings 
This course provides an argument for sustainability in the broader context of corporate social responsibility and the global sustainability movement. It offers examples of how to maximize competitive advantage through sustainable workplace solutions.