We believe that research services should offer more than just data and a historical perspective. That is why our team of market research is continually updating and analyzing the data in each of the corporate real estate markets in the country and the world , research is used to help clients understand the emerging trends and leverage lifecycle properties . Our market research team works with professionals in each of the services to provide customers with market information that is required to support decision making in business practices and provide multilevel support through all types properties . Colliers International within the entire process of an investigation is conducted , from data collection and processing to the analysis and comprehensive presentation of the market. We Databases historic markets in the main cities of Colombia , including: Competitive Inventory, Supply, Net Absorption , Vacancy Rates List Prices , Plans Projects , Projects in Progress , Projections and Market Trends . From this information, our market research analysts produce quarterly reports on market conditions not only nationally but anywhere in the world with the same quality standards.

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