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Research Services

We believe research services must offer more than data and historical perspective. That’s like looking in a rear-view mirror to see what’s next on the road ahead.

Instead, we use research to help our clients understand emerging trends and take advantage of the cyclical—and therefore, somewhat predictable—nature of real estate. There are winners and losers in every market, no matter the market conditions: sometimes the market favors owners, sometimes it favors occupiers. Sometimes buyers are in the driver’s seat; sometimes the sellers are in control.

We help you harness this insight to make long-term decisions that affect your business and financial portfolio. That means connecting the dots between new construction starts, absorption and overall economic growth in a region. It also means guarding against trends that could squeeze your business out of the expansion space it needs to thrive, or trends that could thwart a redevelopment project before it’s delivered to market. Our forward-looking research services can provide:

For owners and landlords

  • An estimate of your building’s projected lease rates and assessment of current vacancies
  • Understanding how subleasing activity and shadow space can affect your direct vacancy rates and time on market
  • An opinion of value based on past comparable sales and projected capitalization rate trends
  • Definition of a “competitive set” of buildings most like yours to improve reporting and spur marketing differentiation
  • Analysis of market activity and growth (gross absorption and net absorption) and the impact of new construction or infrastructure development
  • Mapping services to understand economic drivers, population shifts and virtually any data with corresponding location information

For occupiers and tenants

  • A projection of future lease rates in your current building or buildings of interest
  • Summaries of tenant incentives and concessions currently offered in the market
  • A forecast for your expansion potential based on new construction and current vacancies
  • An assessment of the potential to sublease your existing space and projected cost savings
  • Mapping services to visualize the optimal location for a retailer or the best place for a business to locate close to its chief suppliers.

In addition to our property research services tailored to our clients’ individual needs, we create global, regional and local market reports and forecast documents such as the Global Investor Sentiment Survey that offer actionable insight segmented by property type.

Smart researchers know that the numbers don’t tell the whole story, which is why we tap our local market experts to give further insight behind the numbers.

For example, when one quarterly industrial market report revealed declining rental rates, an owner might assume it was due to a stronger market for tenants. However, our expert noted that just the opposite was true: the market was strengthening for owners, and due to a “flight to quality,” most top-tier space was already leased. This left only the lesser-priced space available on the market, so leases were completed at lower price points, driving down the average rate.

This is an example of how insight beyond the numbers can translate into a smarter strategy for the future. Colliers International’s research services capitalize on our breath and depth of local market expertise to help you take advantage of trends and make better business decisions.