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Tel. +57 1 594 2333

Property Management

Provides property management organized under the horizontal property regime,  as joint co-ownership, which assumes full responsibility for the administration, including legal representation of co-ownership. Under that service are complex and corporate buildings, shopping centers, industrial parks, etc.

Project Management

It involves integral management of construction projects (redesigning or new construction), taking responsibility for managing the entire project from conception to delivery.

Facilities Management

Colliers assumes administrative responsibility, operational and financial services associated with infrastructure and facilities, systems and equipment and user services, integrating and centralizing activities such as cleaning, security, maintenance locative, gardening, spraying, maintenance of equipment and systems (air conditioning, power plants, elevators, hydraulic and electrical systems, etc..) and business support services such as file, reception, switch, messaging, parking and food, among others.

Lease Management

Management Service leases, guarantees for the owner or lessee full coverage cycle management of leases: marketing, contract, collecting charges, maintenance services, portfolio, and insurance policies.


Structuring Process Integrated Operation Manual Property including procedures, standards and measurements for facilities management, The Handbook includes everything from strategic planning to structuring the routine processes of Facilities, Equipment and Systems Support Services.